When to chop and dry

Ok I have flushed a couple times over the last 2 weeks and my TDS is daunte 170ppm , Skywalker 420ppm, AK 360ppm question should I flush one more time with 5 gallons or is the TDS low enough to go ahead and chop it and hang it?


What medium are you in? If you are in soil I am happy below 300 ppm. Media like coco under 200 and hydro under 100 ppm. Easy enough to get there and the results are apparent.


Are the buds ripe? If so and trichromes are cloudy and such. I’d pull a leaf or two and taste them. If it’s bitter keep flushing until it’s not. If ever something is going wrong you can chop with numbers like that.


@Myfriendis410 I’m in ffof soil. @Stonedagain2 I have a scope but I still don’t understand what it is that I’m looking for with the trichromes. I’m going to do the taste test. I will post some pics I’m scared I did something wrong all my leafs look dead.

You need to get with one of the go to guys if you got problems like @dbrn32. The trichromes should be cloudy with a few amber for max thc.

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Post your pics please maybe it’ll show what’s up

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Found this using search function, it should help. Also be sure to check buds instead of sugar leaves.



Here are some pics

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That plant looks dead.


Good news @SmokeOne. You have finished your grow. By the looks of the plants they are dry and probably cured. If you wanna try again let me know and I’ll start one too and we’ll try growing together

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When you say dry and cured do you mean I don’t need to hang them to dry? @Myfriendis410 that’s what I’m scared of I know I made some miss steps down the stretch and it has hurt my girls I’m just hoping this 1st time isn’t a complete bust! I just got a small tent to hang them in I’m going to cut the 3 down and give my dbl sour 2 more weeks before I cut it down. And I’m going to order some seeds so I can give it another try but this time it will be planned and I’m only going to do 2 this was way to much 4 different strains in a small tent. I appreciate all the help this forum has given me over these months. Thanks again.

O and this is what my dbl sour looks like i gave her full nutes for a week without a water in-between (completely forgot and I take notes just didn’t pay attention) and the TDS got as high as 3000ppm so I just flushed her and now her run off is 714ppm and a pH 6.44. going into week 9 I think I read she a sativa and should take 10 to 12 weeks.

Go ahead and do your drying and curing such as it is. Hit me up when you wanna start your next grow and we can step by step this one together.

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at least you dont have to trim, just rub them down once :blush: all leaves will brittle off


We’re do you get seeds from? I’m looking at getting some from gyo seedbank but would like to find a place in the states that I can get some or a place in Cali that I can get some more clones from. You have any advice? And I’m going to try my 2nd crop in about 2 weeks or as soon as I can get some seeds.
@Cheesemaker that’s were I think I made my mistake I did to much late bloom trimming and I think I shocked my AK cause it stopped growing and I went to full strength on the nutes don’t think I needed to do that either, but I think that did teach me a valuable lesson!

Oops my bad I didn’t even realize ilgm is a seed bank lol let me take a look at what they have.

Ilgm is really the only place I can recommend. I’ve had problems with a few of the others. Get feminized seeds unless you can’t control the light.
Nutrients, I use and recommend General hydroponics floral series. They have an application chart for feeding, use it. It works like they’ve done this before. If you grow autos they’re unpredictable so start with half strength nutrients and work up from there to max on the chart.
You need a TDS & Ph meter.
I use Armour Si, and during flowering I use liquid koolbloom and dry koolbloom. You’ll see them on the chart with others that I don’t use and can’t suggest them.
Remember this is a fun thing and nothing to stress over. I’m gonna grow 100% indica’s next. Afghan, Hindu Cush, and pure indica. Let me know when you get some seed.


I get mine from royalqueenseeds or just now I ordered Money Maker (from greenhouse seeds) and eleven roses (from delicious seeds) over zamnesia. They are resaler for many seedbanks.

(maybe check out the strains or reviews on the strains first, i recommend growdiaries for that)

sorry for all the links… if it is not allowed please remove

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@Stonedagain2 @Cheesemaker @Stonedagain2 @Myfriendis410 what do y’all do with your trim after you cut them down for drying? I was nervous lol but I have cut down my first girl she was the smallest and the buds look nice they little but I can’t wait to see what it smokes like!

Does it smell like good weed or hay? That’ll give u an idea what it’ll tase like if you can’t flair for flavor to cure it a month from now…u seem to starving your plants or have a ph issue because they donot look healthy at all