When to change nutrence to bloom outdoor


Hello Growers, I have 4 afghan fem outdoor plants. I have never growen outside before so i dont know what im doing.i am currently keeping them on late bloom. So i am wondering, when should i start to change the nutrence to bloom, what month is a good time to transition? Early August?
? I fallowing

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Ok as far as I know when outside you have to let them flower when they r rdy to do to sun times


I understand that but should i just switch it when i start seeing it flowering?


I switch when I get down to 14 hours of daylight (it all depends on where you live :))


Yep watch the weather channel and see when the sun up and down is when it’s at 14 up you have a week to a week and a half before 12/12 happens


Also the first week it starts to switch takes a week in itself


An outdoor photoperiod plant will flower when a certain amount of darkness triggers the necessary chemicals to send the plant to flower.Changing the nutrient solution from veg to bloom alone will not make the plant flower. A plant will still flower while being fed vegatative nutrients. So when the time is right and the plant is showing signs of flowers that is the time to start feeding the flowering nutrients. Plants still need adequate amounts of nitrogen all the way during the flowering phase its just that we supplement that nitrogen with increasing amounts of P and K to help feed the flowers.


Thanks daddy…ahahah i live in mass and its about 15 hours now, sun rise is at 5 and it goes down at 8pm. So do you think beginng of july i ahould start to transition?


Hi @Happygogojuice I grow outside and I agree with @mountainman1 , they will tell you when they are ready to switch to bloom , sometime in late August - September. Where I live in MA , I harvest around late September into October. Hope that helps Happy growing and your girl’s look fantastic , Keep up the good work



I live in the same state! So probably going to be the same harvest time. But what month do you transition the nuterence solution to bloom. If you use any at all for you’r plants.


Sweet! Thats what i thought but im not to sure ahah.
Thanks for the clarification


@Happygogojuice , I love your tag name, I think its so funny !!:rofl: I make my own soil , vegi compost , chicken manure compost , wood ashe , bone and blood meal and few other amendments, I don’t usually have to use any nutrients while in veg stage , put I do start adding flower nutes 1/4 strength to start to see how they respond , usually the last week on August to September and stop late September , then just water until they are ready. Most of the time I don’t even do that , have to watch your girl’s they will tell you what they need. I hope that helps alittle and good luck , If you have any other concerns please don’t hesitate to ask me , this is only technically my second grow but I can tell you of my experience - hope it helps you
Happy Growing


Thanks for the feedback it does help ahah. But its actually my gamertag name so iv had it forever ahah. So you think i should start to tranistion late august? Thats what im getting but iv never growen ourside before so i guess im sketching a lil.


Easy way is to watch your plants when u see them start to flower switch to bloom nuits if u do it early you will end up nitrogen starving them becouse bloom nuits have more Phosphorus and Potassium. Not as much nitro there really is no set time frame when u let nature do that bulk of the work lol happy growing


I start bloom nutes about a week after i see the first hairs begin forming at the nodes. Depending on the strain, i usually get colas as big around as wrist! Always grown outdoors, nothing beats natural sunlight!


Im with @Drillbit start feed flower nutrients a week or so after seeing the pistols starting


Hey there, i see hairs on there now but there very straight at the momment

Should they be more curved ?
Thanks nic


Hello i also agree, but this does seems to me like the hars are forming at the node? Kinda stright right now

Let me know


Is that what you are talking about


This looks to be female! But still a bit soon to be 100% sure. I can tell you that you either have a female or hermaphrodite. Don’t see any signs of male pollen bags. Mine started showing signs of flowering as well, hope it stays female!