When to change lighting schedule

I am on my second grow with white widow feminized, indoor LED at 1,600 watts 18/6 with a 3’ X 4’ footprint. The plants are 2 months and 5 days old, 20" tall and I am getting signs of them wanting to flower. I would very much like to see them grow another 16" before going to a 12/12 cycle. Am I safe to continue with an 18/6 light schedule despite the fact that the plants are growing hairs? Thanks for your help!


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Are they autos? Sounds like it based on your lighting schedule and them showing signs.

An auto will flower based on time and your lighting schedule won’t make a difference as far as getting them to flower so not much you can do about it. Can you post of pic of the hairs?

You probably already know all this.

Otherwise, you can veg as long as you want to. Just don’t switch the lights to 12/12.


I honestly can’t remember if I ordered auto. I thought I had ordered feminized only and that’s what I based my question on. I will post pictures when I get time.


I’ve seen it happen a couple times when people had auto’s thinking just fem. Double check if you can. In either case, good luck and we’ll keep an eye out for a pic.


Turns out I ordered feminized, not auto. That’s a relief. I also got out a microscope to read what one of the seeds was and it’s OG Kush. Sounds like a tasty variety.

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