When to bloom GG

Grow Room = 8x8x8 2inch thick Styrofoam
RH= 50%-65%
Temp = 68-84 F AVERAGE TEMP = 82 F

Veg 1000 W MH 18-6
Bloom 1000 W HPS 12-12

Soil = Pro Mix HP PH 7.0 / 7 Gallon Grow Bags

GH Flora Grow
GH Flora Micro
GH Flora Bloom
Silica Blast

PH = 6.0

Soil Mix after adding nutrients is PH 6.`1

My Girls are Gorilla Glue hieght is 26.5 to 39 inches when all reach 36 I think I’ll bloom I’m using GH Flora Nutes that have a mix for transiton to bloom when di I start using it and when do I use the Bloomm mix

Start using the Lucas formula. it’s 1 part micro 2 part bloom. you don’t really need the grow. Looks like your stems are a little skinny. Do you have a fan blowing in there? I would suggest supercroping the tallest branches, anything higher than 2 feet and flip to flower now. Your plants took off didn’t they? Damn. Good job

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Thank You now I have a dumb question
what is supercropping and how do i do it

It’s where you pinch the stem between your fingers, wiggle and bend back and forth if needed then fold 90 degrees. Creates a hard knuckle and bigger fruits. Since yours are so tall, you would need something to hold branches down 90 degrees then probably something at the end to hold the longer branches up


You should go through the guides on the forum for tips. You would be smart to adopt some kind of training technique like supercropping. You should also think about topping plants to increase the number of colas.

I am using the exact same setup in a 7 gallon: Promix HP, very slightly modified stock DTW schedule published by GH. Micro, Bloom, Liquid Kool Bloom, Flora Nectar, etc. Straight Lucas is popular and effective. Needs to be run in very low TDS water like R/O.

Really …the girls could have started flower lots sooner. Keep in mind there is a “stretch” for about two weeks. Then they settle in and start bulking up. Other than being too tall and skinny…they really look healthy. Should bring many self-rewarding evenings.

suggest you use some bloom stim…like Ca Ching. Go easy at first. :cowboy_hat_face::v::vulcan_salute: