When to Apply Nutes


I have use a small 45 w led panel mixed with a small 24w t-5 set up set right at some hieght
24hr light period and
I will usually leave them in about two weeks
As soon as i see roots at bottom of cups I transplant @dmykins
I have used one of my small 300w led panels also set high above it also worked
But that much power really isn’t needed



Ok, just so I don’t mess anything up, you leave them domed for two weeks and the light and heat on 24 hours?

Once roots are at the bottom you transplant?

I assume it’s tall enough for a regular solo cup?


Yes i will
Leave them in dome for up to two weeks if they get big enough to take some off early i will
I also place a thin piece of styrofoam maybe 1/4. -1/2 inch think to keep cups off direct heat
Since im in NE and it very dry this time of year ill keep a little water in tray with heat on to keep humidity up in dome and styrofoam prevents cups from bottom feeding
If that makes sense to you @dmykins



I’m in NY, so fairly close to you. Patriots fan?

That all makes sense. You don’t want them to syphon the water so the foam prevents that and prevent too much heat!


10-4 @dmykins
Im eastern part of the state clsie to ct boarder
Exactly what the foam prevents buddy
And you know better giants family here
But in truth I haven’t followed for many years lol


Everything country boy said is spot-on. My only recommendation was already addressed in that you get the tallest Dome possible. I’ve had to kind of make my own little germination area in the past using various things around the house just for the height issues. Countryboy has you completely covered. Yes those starter packs like that are awesome. I bought mine piecemeal but recently added a heating mat and I find that helps wonders in itself. you’re going to have a great start to this. Listen to countryboy he knows what he’s talking about.


I use two little two foot T5 lights that hang down just above the plastic of my Dome. It seems to work okay but I’m going to be asking certain questions myself once I start to germinate my gold leaf seeds. I don’t have a ton of experience with seeds so all of this is a good read for me also.



Yea same here. I grew autos last summer inside and they were ok but definitely could have been better. I basically want to master growing 1 or 2 plants and get the full potential before I decide to go larger.


@dmykins, excuse me for interrupting but you said your Auto Grow could have been better. In what way? Sure we all strive for increased quantity and of course quality. Was it an indoor grow? I’m just asking because I’ve never grown Autos before and needed some idea what I was getting into. I know we will all benefit from the help and direction the folks offer on this site. What could have been better with your grow?



It was an indoor grow, it was my first grow altogether and I think I committed to 1 too many plants. I only did 3 but it takes up much more space than you think.

Lighting was much more important than I thought. I don’t believe I had nearly enough lighting for them. (Which I obviously upgraded now)

A good pH meter. I bought a cheap one at first and it was never consistent with my reading. So I purchased a much better one.

And then little tricks with watering. I didn’t pay attention to the water tension when I watered, so essentially only the top part of the soil was really getting drenched.

I was scared of burning so I didn’t provide nutrients properly.

So if you’ve grown before the last couple wouldn’t apply. But it’s amazing how much lighting and pH matter!


@dmykins, I understand and you can bet those are things we’ve all done. I am lucky and had the opportunity to grow outdoors first making it a bit easier with space and light needs. Your are correct with how much the ph and light matter. One more thing with non-auto grows is the “veg to flower” light swap. I have a handful of auto spherelettes (seeds) and want to make sure I have the information required to keep them alive. So from what I gather, your experiences were due to just starting an indoor grow rather than just having issues with the Auto plant. Just know here is the place to ask and learn. I have yet to have anyone come out and say “Now that was a dumb question”. Keep growing amigo.



Thank you sir. It was nothing with the plants themselves. They were on 18/6 light all the way through, although when I do autos again I’ll switch to 12/12 to save a little electricity.

My grow I am starting now is with photo period plants. So that will be fun.


@dmykins, That’s cool. Remember to have fun. Don’t do like I did early on and take failures too seriously. Heck, they were actually just lessons not failures. One of the main things these folks taught me is to watch that ph.



I am still having a tough time keeping my humidity up, can I just use a fan inside the tent with the vents open to circulate air and get rid of the negative pressure for fresh air? My hope is that this will let the humidifier work much better…