When to Apply Nutes



Thanks for the help. I think I am going to start off with one of the above humidifiers. Ideally a new furnace would be the route to go since mine is only like 75% efficient lol.


@dmykins Well yeah that would definitely ne a plus getting a new one but costly
The free standing ones work well
Especially for our situations
you can ad ine into the duct work on the existing system but again that can get costly
A couple other things i did to help control smells temps and humidity
Was this im in my basement so i built a temp walls lined the walls and ceiling with heavy black plastic and created a grow room then i put my tents inside that
Plastic works as a vapor barrier and contains heat & humidity
In winter ill also stop exhausting my air out of the house and recycle it buy dumping the air back into grow room which helps reatin some of the heat and humidity allowing tents to pull air back in
You do need some fresh air as well which i get from the hole I normally exhaust out
In winter i have a damper i use to allow a little fresh air in but not to much lol
Maybe some of theses i deas will Help



Absolutely. I am making notes of those tips now!

Thank you again for all of the help!


Any time my friend


@dmykins “teas” are just a microbial mix that you add to water then pH. The microbes break down the nutrients for the plants for faster and easier uptake. It’s far more complex then that but that is the easy way to explain it. And @Countryboyjvd1971 is the man but I only watered once and went into deficiencies so they never get water only now.


@Daddy brings up a good point about the teas
If you not familiar with the microbial feeds you should look into thwm @dmykins
there are a number of the nutrients mfg that are using them in there lines as well
Or sell add ones
Its a interesting topic that will definitely educate you some lol
I have only recently started really digging into the subject myself since im concidering a auqaponic grow in the future


@Countryboyjvd1971 we are running NFTG and the owner says that it really helps to run the teas and we know it doesn’t hurt lol. I have only had 1 tea day so far so can’t really tell yet.


@Countryboyjvd1971 this is ny whole house humidifier i have in my grow room

It’s a sunbeam and has two dexent size res’s



So you are using the nutes that came in the NFTG sample pack, what is the name of the"tea"? Is it NFTG brand?

If you are using the sample pack, are you just following the schedule that came with it?


Nftg is a great line and fir sure the teas will help
:+1: @Daddy
They have a whole utube channel dedicated to the line

Heres a good start guys lol


One month from seed?


@dmykins yes just the sample pack right now. I will be adding Triton’s trawl and The kracken though (you don’t need to and will be fine with out them). I am using Super compost tea that I purchased separately but have a biologix EZ tea for flowering that was in my sample pack that I will also use.


Yes 1 month and tallest is 22" those pots are 10 gallon and 16" wide also


@Countryboyjvd1971 yes brother I have watched all of them lol


Very informative @Daddy


@dmykins also for the feeding schedule go one level up. So if in mid veg feed them at late veg level. It’s pretty conservative and hard to burn them with organics



I purchased the vornado humidifier above, my humidity is still low.

In the meantime can I dome the seedlings? If so can I just use a tall glass or mason jar? Or does it have to be plastic?

If plastic, does it have to be clear plastic, or can it be cloudy or have a tint of color?


Whats the humidity @dmykins
And age of plants
Ive always used plastic myself even two liter bottles with tops cut off
And where is humidifier located?



The humidity is right around 30% they are still seeds in dirt right now. I have the humidifier outside of the tent.


Ok cool so yeah cover them with a dome i perfer to have a vented dome myself
As I mentioned even a cut sofa bottle will work :+1::wink: