When to Apply Nutes


Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am getting ready for my second grow and have a question about nutrients since I think that’s were I lacked in my first grow…with that said…here goes…

I am going to plant in my final pots so no transplanting. The soil I am using will be layered with FF Light Warrior on top and FFHF below.

I will be using the Nectar For The God’s Sample of nutrients. At what point do I start feeding?


Once the lil tiny round “feeder” leaves start to fall off or start to wilt. About 3-4 true sets of leaves. And then follow the schedule with your nutes. Many follow exactly what the schedule says but many start at 1/4-1/2 strength to see how the plants respond. Less is more when it comes to nutes. You do not want to under feed but often consequences usually happen with over feeding.
And three things to remember…
pH your water and your nutes before giving them to your plants. In soil you wanna be 6.2-6.8


You read my mind… @Growit. Thanks I was in the process of researching the correct time for feed the girls their first meal.


Right on @Flyr happy growing!!


@dmykins I will tell you what I did on my grow if you like? I’m running a modified FFHF soil as well and using NFTG nutes too.



Please all tips are appreciated!


Trust me, that’s where I failed in my first grow. I had a bad PH Pen and it just was a mess!


@dmykins my first feed was at 6 days old using the seedling mix on the chart and about 2 tablespoons each for a solo cup size. First thing you want to do is prep your soil… Do a slurry test and see where your pH is then 1 gallon of water 2Tbls of HH and pH to 6.3 unless you need up or down to get your soil pH close to that. NFTG is organic and very hard to burn your plants. If you have a really good light they will be very hungry. Feed them 1 higher level on the chart. So early veg gets mid veg dosage and never had 1 problem with burn.


@dmykins oh and let that soil dry out before you plant.


Month old and only problem has been deficiencies lol.



Are you just using the sample pack they send?


Yes but I did buy my own tea though. Feed feed tea feed feed flush schedule.


You want to start feeding when you have five sets of true leaves @dmykins
Try feed feed water schedule as well



Sounds like a plan, I know you deal a lot with HVAC, any simple tips to raise my humidity? Since it’s winter and the heat is on my humidity is low. Should I use a dome or buy a humidifier?


What is the Tea?

Thanks everyone!


I personally wiuld buy a humidifier @dmykins
A evaporative style is best

Here a link to the one i use


Here’s another option



Hopefully not a stupid question…should I size the humidifier for the room and not the tent? And is a humidistat a humidifier version of a thermostat? So essentially I can set it and forgot it (obviously keep it filled with water)


@dmykins no such thing as a stupid question
I personally size mine fir the room tents are located in and allow intake fans to pull moist air into tent
If you aize for tent and put it in tent it will never have a chance to humidify the air cause exhaust will pull it out
And yeah theres a humidistat on them so you can dial it in
I bought a whole house one so it yas larger holding tank and needs to be filled less often i can get two days before i need to refill tanks



Perfect! Ideally I want one for my whole house lol. The one you have for the whole house, is it connected to your furnace or just centrally located?


I only use it in the grow room actually
Do you have a furnace for your house @dmykins
I can get a link fir that type fir you as well if youd rather do that
I uave basebaord and a boiler so freestanding is the only choice fir me
You would need to have it installed



Does the free standing one do a good job for the whole house?


Yeah it does but you need to have fan on high to benefit all over the house
Since you have a warm air heating system i would install on the the heating system myself
But free standing does definitely work