When to apply Nutes and transplant seedlings

I’m prepping my outdoor garden, doing a few experiments to see what works best and I’m looking for additional tips. I also need to know when to hit my girls with some diluted FF Big Bloom and when to transplant. I have 2-3 sets of leaves.

My grow is going outdoors, 12 plants total (6 in garden soil, 3 in 7gal pots, 3 in 7Gal Fabric). Six strains total, two each of Green crack, lsd, crystal, chronic widow , og kush and super skunk all FEM seeds. I will compare soil crops versus pots/fabric. Located in Southern Cali, San Fernando Valley, summers 90+ dry heat

Plants are three weeks old, currently have inside under small LED (10w dual head Led Grow) light in evenings, they are outdoor all day full sun/wind 9 -5. I have watered them once with a ¼ dose of superthive to help roots, no other nutes have been added. My water schedule in peat pots is about 4-5 days depending on weather

Current status is peat pellet >> Peat cup using FF light warrior seedling soil (low nutes). The next moves will be peats cups > 2 gal pots >> soil and peat cups >> 3 gal pots >> pots/fabric. The 2/3-gallon pots will be Ocean forest bottom layer (2 in) and happy frog. Final home will be ocean forest/happy frog mixed soil.



awsome strain choice man!

Looks well thought out with some awesome strain choices. Girls very pretty. I dont apply nutes until ive got 4-5 real sets of leaves. Your soils hot enough until then.

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thanks for the info. I know less is more so i’m cautious about the nutes. I’m curious to see the difference in soil, versus pots and bags while maintaining similar growing conditions

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Cool, i feel better on my choices. I spent time researching, i’m a Indica guy and want to see what hot southern cali weather can do to my babies.

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they will love the sun! i love super skunk last tym i had it i laughed like i was a teen!


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How about some feedback from the Cali crew down south. :smile:

Today, I see some(very few) small roots approx 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the bottom of my peat pots, i’m wondering how extensive the roots are and how much longer b4 transplanting these to larger pots.
My plan currently with these mild days is to hit them tomorrow for the 1st time with a weak FF Big Bloom, water regular in 3-4 days, than transplant to larger containers and use a mild super thrive mix. in 7-8 days. I’m also bringing my girls in at night due to the cold and the use led lights for 4-5 hours, until the days get longer, mid March.

If they are showing some roots on the outside of the peat pot, you can transplant them. Keep the nutes very diluted until you get a few nodes. Some people don’t use any liquid nutes at all if they are using soil that contains them. I actually sprayed new clones with half strength grow solution and filled the lower root riot tray with it. All 11 clones succeeded, so I guess that was fine.