When to add nutrients

Ive been useing 2-1-6 flora gro nutrient it has 2.0% nitrogen,1.0% phosphate,6.0% potash,and 0.5% magnesium and it says for mild vegetative growth use 1 tsp per gallon my question is how often should i add this to mt soil based plants ive been doing it every sunday at a certin time is that too much

As long as your plants look healthy I would say you are OK. Other than that; You gave me very little info.

Am I reading this correctly? You are only using 1 part of the GH flora 3-part nutrients?

Yes as of right now i am because i thought the micro and the flora bloom was for when its in the flowering stage

Also the nutrients thats for sale on ilgm is that the finale price like is that including tax and shipping

Honestly, I am going to have to check on the shipping. I know there is always free shipping for seed orders, but I do not know what the policy is for the Booster. Will check and get back to you tomorrow, If I can. :slight_smile:

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BTW. Yeah; You are supposed to use all 3 parts. Not what I would recommend for soil either. I think you would like The Marijuana Booster Nutrient set. I make my own nutrients and the booster contains the same micro nutrients that I use in my greenhouse. :slight_smile:

Yea i went ahead and orderd it and the shipping is included in the price wich realy isnt that bad because i live in th u.s and i know it shipped from way over in another country so realy $98 is to bad since it includes shipping

I cannot wait to see how your grow turns out. Peace

I seem to have a similar question regarding the application of nutrients…My Logic is that if you water your baby once a day with appox 6 Flos. of water.
And the fert bottle suggest once a week . IT IS ASSUMED The volume of liquid should be approx. 25% of the daily feed.
While I have yet to find out if this works for others.
Mine are so smashlng beautiful. l don’t want them mature, but I know I must. That is why I want to preserve the root and cut above the first branch. Silly maybe.

This threas is al over the place.

You can definitely use jusr micro and bloom; As proved in the “Lucas method”. I, also have written many posts and an paper or 2 on the subject. There is enough Nitrogen in the Micro to have a balnced system without The “GROW” part.

I am not sure what you ae talking about % of volume, but I will be looking into this in the next few days. Peace

I had some random clones supplied to me. …after many weeks in grow I still cannot raise the EC above 0.6 without tip burn occurring!!
I’m wondering if this strain is the cause… growth is slow too… Why cant I raise the EC?

I’m growing in a satellite system,100L sump with constant feed, clay media, water heated to 20deg C, 180w LED UFO light (20cm) over each plant. Water supply is scheme and not hard. PH is 5.8 allowed to drift to 6.1, Using Dutchmaster Advance Grow nutes…

20C/68F is on the lower side of things but at a decent enough temperature. An EC of 0.6 does seem very low. You haven’t mentioned exactly what strain you are growing. I’m not sure what you mean by water supply ‘scheme’. The UFO at 20cm/aprox. 8 inches above shouldn’t be too close, I wouldn’t normally think. Maybe you should try raising it to 30cm-40cm above the plants, there is a chance the light intensity is too high and this can burn the leaves, especially the tips. Maybe you need more aeration in your reservoirs?

Cheers for the quick reply! Scheme water is a term used for domestic tap water supply. ie treated water from large dams…town water supply… I’ll raise the temp to 22deg C. Unfortunately I’m not sure of the strain. Hence the reason I am in the process of germinating White Widow seeds to have knowledge of a strain. …I have grown before but never had an EC so low with tip burn at the age these plants are…
I’m not enjoying this mystery strain at all… Need to get these White Widow seeds germinated ASAP…

I don’t know much about Dutchmaster Advance Grow but maybe your mix needs to be adjusted, maybe too much nitrogen?

I have to wonder how accurate your Ec/TDS meter is? What are you using t measure this extremely low EC?

I am using a ‘Blu Lab Truncheon’ EC meter…I have 2 of them now because I thought the first one may have been faulty. They both read the same… I am now using ‘DutchFest’ grow nutes…see if things change…