When to add nutrients to seedlings

Hi guys and girls just wondering when is a good time to add nutrients to seedlings . Mine are starting to get yellow and i have cut back on water which I was giving to often. Cheers in advance

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Seedlings need no nutrients at all until the little round cotyledon leaves have withered.

When you add nutrients will depend on the medium you are growing in. Some need nutrients fairly early (e.g coco,) and good cannabis soils need no nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant.

It is better to underwater than it would be to overwater. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles.


If your getting yellow leaves this early it could be your ph isnt low enough so they’re not absorbing the nitrogen( one of my very 1st mistakes ) but my rule of thumb is 3 weeks for the 1st dose in compost enriched soiless medium (soil will have a similar nutrient density)

I have my nutrients from ILGM and and according to the chart, it refers to an amount of nutrient per gallon. Is the gallon how big your pot is or does it refer to the amount of water to dissolve the nutrient in? Thanks!

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Per gallon of water


That’s what I was thinking. Thank you for your help.