When there a will there's a way

Hello everyone
First I would like to thank all the responses .
I would like to update how things are going
What I’m learning from the response I have healthy bug free and a real legit room .
I got a Rolando 2000 w 4 . I acculey order 2 but the first one came and it doesn’t have any options no dimmer no veg and Bloom no veg switch nothing just a light lake seems to be working well plants are responding good they’re growing fast I also invest in Fox farms nutrition I’m following your direction my biggest question is can you clone autoflowers when they’re young do you top autoflowers or just do

LST and when do you start LST I’ll share pictures and I don’t see how I could start it in the plants been above ground since July 18th when they broke dirt I have pics that r maybe 5 days apart n I tooed a auto n trying to colne.
I’m looking for more info what can I do to get better and better thanks again
Growinggreg :thinking::grin::grin::grin:

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Looking good so far. Everyone has different ideas on auto methods. I usually start lst about week 3 to 4.

From what I’ve read you can’t clone autos and some have had grows ruined by topping autos while others top theirs and have no issues.

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Are you planning on flowering with that light?

I’ve just begun my auto foray.
I’d say no to cloning.
Topping or fimming… I’m sure it can be done, but until you dial in your genetics and grow, I’d say it’s not worth it.

cloning is likely futile as the plant will just want to carry on where it left off and re vegging aint likely to happen.

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Cloning would only give you an auto of the same age. If you cut early you might delay the flowering, but realistically, most cuttings are taken from more mature plants. Therefore the clones would probably start flowering before they sprout roots.

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i dont really see any benefit to autos other than the ability to pump lots of light hours into them. Many dont finish any earlier than a photo flipped at sexual maturity, which is normally 6 weeks anyway.
There is a thai cross that has auto traits the plant flowers at week 6 but takes 4 months to flower!
Thats actually not bad m, my fotos have been going now for over 6 months and are just starting to flower, that means 2 more months! An 8 month grow!

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I decided to try autos this summer, so I could get multiple harvests outdoors.

Didn’t factor in the summer heat and it’s effect on flowering cannabis. Torched buds so far…

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Yeah heat or lack of heat, too much rain or no rain… super high humidity or bone dry… all can seriously impact your grow. Its why Ive started to use the greenhouse, it gives me a tad more control. About the only thing I cant control is extreme heat.

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Are these plants from clons and if u like veggging that long. You have good patience one other thing c02 r u using it these plants are a mix of autos n fem seeds I germinated planted in dirt 7/14 they broke dirt on 7/18 I had a guy that actually could turn a crop in 3 1/2 months he ran 23- 1 for veg when plants grew to the size he wanted n changed bulbs old school from MH to MSP n 12/n12 they would flower m he grew some really kick ass shit Ingles complete hydroponics and all clones here and CO2 and he they actually was my mentor for a while I guess if you manipulate the time you can turn a crap whenever you’re ready to depending on how much you want to do the best I mean you can make monsters if that’s what you want to do but he was turned pretty decent yields just doing it the way he was going at like 150 250 grams for plant.today I attempted low-stress training I’m posting some pictures of anybody who feels that I left it up please tell me ASAP so I can undo the damage I kind of watched the video I think I did what I was supposed to do but who knows I never done it

pload://qxfBaId0G2u0uaFNNWir9EtzmRo.jpeg) I need to know if I’m lts right and do y cut the big leafs that are blocking lower branches is that different with autos then reg Uploading: IMG_20200807_001848572.jpg…

No going to add a nother one maybe cob with less or just buy the same as I have I have that light 36 in above plants it’s runs cool and I. A review it was rated better then Mars hydro 2000

I also went out and bought mylar and covered all walls n after watching some veideos I bought a c02 gen but I see how easy it is to make it own I might just cancel my order it won’t be here till the 14 th idk I been busting my broken ass every day making my room better fo not having no income it’s tough I’m still waiting for a judge to make a decision in my case he taking all of 2 1/2 months since I had dmy day in court n because I’m a us citizen I can’t seem to get any welfair I will but it’s taking 30 days since I handed in my app I couldn’t be happier growing hemp it’s a deep passion that I’ve always had plus I enjoy smoking good stuff

No Im growing from seed. I would NOT bother with CO2, it takes a special set up to do that. Younare just wasting money there. Dont remove any leaves unless there is good reason, they are making energy forbyour plant

I just see all these videos makes me think I won’t be able to produce top shelf bud … when I have a passion for something I go all in I really need advice on how I should be LTS THESE AUTOS

![IMG_20200807_001848572|375x500](upload://187QbVQP745c5Tv7IRR3GdV M67O.jpeg)

How come I load like 5 pics and only one showed up

I load 1 and wait till it finishes then load another and so on

Thanks do you top autoflowers I never grew them and it’s kinda new and I hear different things from everybody’s got the wrong way don’t think I just don’t want to screw it up

this ccame today so maybe it will help