When the plants are budding should you cut all the leaves off the plant

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hey I have a question when the plants are budding should you cut all the leaves off the plant somebody told me that

No, do not cut all the leaves off it, those fan leaves are absorbing light. If you are trimming off dead or deficient leaves that would be fine. Also, it’s fine to thin out the leaves for air and light penetration. Just don’t go crazy and leave any leaves by the bud.


Absolutely not
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In this link there basic questions and answers given
Your question is answered with a supporting video about half way down in the thread but take a look at all the info you may just pick up some good knowledge :wink:
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I think u are referring to a technique called schwazzing. It’s a matter of personal choice but I wouldn’t recommend doing any hi stress training if u are new to growing. Start out just growing and learning the plants.

As u get more comfortable with the stages and timing AND u have read about everything u can or watched videos u can start to manipulate them. People think it’s just a plant what’s the big deal. That’s true for ditch weed but not if u want to grow top shelf buds. It takes knowledge experience and a lot of luck. With that said it’s the most fun thing to learn so don’t forget to enjoy it

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Do the fan leaves feed the buds

Also can I clone wen plant is flowering