When the plant starts flowering how many weeks to harvest

I’m at 7 going on 8weeks when they showed flower been on 12/12 9-10 weeks![IMG_20201113_012542028|375x500]

Under the microscope looks good to me but I’m not that experienced

8 to 10 weeks is my experience. I have had them flower 12 weeks before. But just once.

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Guess it depends on strain are you counting form the time you switched from veg to 2/12 or when flower is showing


I start when flowers start to show. 1 to 2 weeks after the flip 12/12. Stains and genetics make all the difference. I have had fast strains flower in 7 weeks actually.

I know it’s hard to tell my pics but what do you think where am I at it’s Barney’s pineapple Chunk you’re looking at if that means anything

a few days to a week. I looks somewhat cloudy and ur pistils have alot of brown

U got a copy of this?

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