When the grow is over, what do people do with used dirt / periite

Newbie here, first grow a mess. Now I have (4) 3 gal pots of used soil (ffof). I have no garden to dump soil in. Can it be rejuvenated with soil additives? TIA

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I just throw mine away (pot & soil) after each grow. I thought about trying to re-use it, but figured why, new pots and soil ($50-$60 each grow) are a small price to pay for the ounces I get from the plants…

Not sure what others do…

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Thanks . I’m leaning that way. I can’t help but to envision little clouds of perlite floating past my window.

I agree with @Ron330 your plants used up a lot of the the nutrition in the soil. In my opinion cheaper to get new soil. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Hey kevin
Did you transplant, finish grow, or plant die etc. Cause 3 gallon pots seem awful small for a matured plant

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I reuse it to a point. I will flush old soil then use a little on top when I plant seedlings. That way they don’t have any issues with hot soil.

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Throwing my used soil in my compost bin and recharging it. Becomes part of the compost and gets reused in couple months.


If money is tight, there a things on Amazon that recharge the soil. I grow in coco, and reuse it everytime. Not sure but I think @blackthumbbetty reuses her soil

I usually just tossed mine in the garden I know you said you didn’t have one. So You could always fill up a few low spots in the yard.

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Oh, me? Nah, I toss mine outside into a bare spot in the woods. That bare spot is growing with so many lush wild plants, now!

I’d reuse mine if I had a workshop or garage to use to store it/recharge it. Fox Farms Happy Frog makes a soil conditioner that I’ve often thought I’d use if I did that.

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Hi HornHead, I’ve heard about recharging, but I’ve yet to hear anyone mention it. It’s tempting to do it, but it’s adding another

stress point. As a first time grower who really messed up 4 Gorilla Glue, I’m a little gun shy making changes.

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Thanks Blackthumbbetty

Me thinks it’s toss it out time . Out to the trash.