When the buds start to turn blue

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have been growing it I’m 21 days into flowering and want to know when the buds start to turn blue? The pistols are white and the plant looks good. I was just wondering

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If it’s going to change color it usually takes cooler night Temps around 60 and some of the plants may not turn it just depends on their pheno type. But she looks good. Happy growing good luck


If plants have really strong color pheno they typically start to color 3-4 week with only 10F temp swing dark to light but cooler temps tend to help.

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in late flower and cool temp’s but most of all it’s your strain (genetic’s)- one can get some products that enhance color (Purple Max by Humdolt County Own)

The. Lie you are in this picture is from the led light. The pistils are white still.