When should my plants be topped and grow into a scrog net

I like the snip trick. I am growing 3 in a 22x22 linen closet. First plant I grew I was scared to touch it and I was using a 27x27 tent and it was Christmas tree sprawled out bushy. If you let them grow naturally the plant grows like a Christmas tree looking shape. I would never grow another that way.

If you Snip above the 3rd you get that Upside Down Umbrella Partially open look and maximize the grow space. I see people flatten out that top of the plant during veg. 6 branch top for 3rd, or 8 branch top if you snip above the 4th. Veg is the time to LST the plant to the shape you want. Take a peek @kaptain3d for bending the plant techniques… :cowboy_hat_face:


I have topped them and tied down the branches in a pinwheel formation. They still have about three inches to go to hit the trellis. I had to make it that high because of the bathtub knobs. “Blanch” and “Rose” ( from the Golden girls) are bushing up nicely!