When should I transplant?

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These lady’s are 21days from seed when should I transplant

First pic, I’d say now

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When the leaves reach out past the cup, it’s time to transplant. @Peterpenguin

Thanks any tips on transplanting

Wait for the soil to dry, squish cup uniformly all the way around to work soil loose from cup. Invert cup, and allow gravity to do most of the work, place in desiredmedium.
Thoroughly water with Ph’ed water at 6.2-6.5. @Peterpenguin

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Should I flush the medium

Not necessary, if in soil.
Hydroponic medium is different. Coco, perlite, coco coir, sphagnum Moss, etc. a lot of different options. PH at 5.5-5.8 @Peterpenguin

What soil or medium are you using? If you’re going into fox farms ocean Forrest, I had to flush the soil before transplanting because the soil was hydrophobic. But I flushed it about a week before transplant so it could dry out.

Snapchat-988117052 Snapchat-1655699347 Snapchat-666133454 Snapchat-562342953 I planted it and watered really just around the plant well with distilled water

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You want to transplant autos before the roots reach the cup, Infact most suggest not even starting in solo cups just in final pots.
Transplanting stunts the autos.


@Peterpenguin I recently transplanted my first plant and the method I used has been super gentle on the plant. I cut out the bottom of the cup, then sliced the side of the cup so I could peel away the plastic cup. I then placed the cup, minus the bottom plastic portion, inside of a hole I made in it’s final bucket of soil. At that point, the seedling mix, with the seedling, are sitting inside of it’s final resting home with very little transplant shock. I hope that makes sense…

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@kyberky Im about to unsolo my ladies wqs thinking about what you just said Thank you!

This is day 15 after going from jiffy puck to final 5 gallon smart pots, strain is cbc auto cheese (crop King),

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F*** those CBD strains :facepunch::point_up_2:nothing personal
@Nicky Please notice me when they are much bigger& show me pictures.
@Peterpenguin You transplant when you see roots come out of bottom waterholes. Period!
Ive repotted autos allways, they’re no mind if you to this gently.

If you transplant when roots have touched the outside of the cup with an auto your already to late, the idea is not to let the root even know you transplanted.

Why would you say that about cbd strains?
CBD and other cabanoids are what protect your brain from the harmful side effects of THC.
Going after THC alone and no other cabanoids is what the world is realizing is a bad idea because it leads to all sorts of issues that you would see with drug use like anxiety, paranoia.

I mean I Geuss there will always be stupid people out there that just want to get f*(+Ed up the most they can with whatever drug of choice they choose but cannabis really has its chance to be studied and in turn accepted world wide now that some major 1st world areas like Canada has legalized it federally. The thc portion is a tiny part of the big picture to researchers.
So to discount cbd strains is basically telling your American federal government, hey I don’t care about the potential of legalization let it stay a class 1 sceduled drug so we can hide in our basements like meth cookers and users

Here is cbd Dutch treat, (middle) this was my first grow and plants been through hell and back but I’ll be sure to update you @beginner2d

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Ive done CBD strains and they dissapoint me. Not high, but growth.
And ive done autos same plan what i tell, ive never been in stall, maybe i do this so carefully they dont mind.

Sounds to me like you need some better genetics…
I have a friend who is a legal producer and 90% of his stuff is CBD strains.
For example he wanted Dutch Treat genetics but crop King has shitty genetics so he bought 200 seeds and planted them all and took the best plant and turned it into a mother plant now he’s had those genetics for 4 years.

Otherwise the going to places in the Netherlands and other places but paying good money for genetics.
He’s guided me to a couple places they cost about 100$ for 6 seeds but we’ll worth the genetics.

Okok, stop there were you was saying legal producer… Im little homegrower, nor ewa thinking myself bough 200 seeds then pluck 199 and save that ONE out there…, but i can see where you pointing this. I get Seed 1-199,yes i aware of this i get bad gen, because all other’s came out nicely. And i know if you want quality you must pay the price. Very home @this.
Thanks 4 sharing all that 4me :grin::grin:
Ive done maybe 50-60 plants and im novice grower. I think oneday its the day i do same thing, pick the ONE out and continuesly grow good gens. that mothers plant :wink:

That’s just because crop King has shit genetics.
Go somewhere that you pay 100$ for 4-6 seeds and those genetics will be good.
I havent grown ilgm seeds so I don’t know because they don’t ship to Canada right now.
I also normally only grow 2-4 at a time…

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Ive buyed Ilgm and there best so far for sure. But if hold year or so seeds then they tend to go hermie more. Stresslevel is lower than fresh seeds. All sales is old seeds.

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