When should I top this plant?


Indeed it is.


Room and plants look great @WillyJ


And another room full of small trees. This is going to get good when they start flowering. @WillyJ


Thanks @BIGE @Screwauger @Dr.DankThumb420 @Covertgrower :+1:


No problem @Dr.DankThumb420 those plants are all ilgm granddaddy purple, white rhino, Bruce banner and sour diesel all fem…the regular seeds are 9lb hammer from jinx proof…they are still in veg waiting to go into 7 gal pots but I’ll hold off a little bit they still will have 8-10 weeks to wait before they can go into the flower room…I will take a clone from each plant to sex them I suspect I have 2 males out of the 6 just buy the way they’re all growing but who knows lol


UK by any chance?


No friend, I’m located in the est-Europe