When should I top this plant?


Thanks @Dr.DankThumb420 my veg room is 9×7 in the back which drops to 6ft wide in front near door…I run 2 T5 lights one 4ft×4 bulb under table and one 4ft×6 bulb above table (table in wider part of room) and 2 600mh lights…I start clones and seedlings under table then transplant into cups and move them up onto table then eventually into 1 gal pots…then transplant into 7 gal pots and onto floor under the 600’s…then into flower room when ready…I run 8 plants,4 under each 600…then my flower room is 10×12 and I run 4 1000 hps lights…2 plants per light…when flower is done I clean the room and then rotate everything cleaning everything as you go…


The trichomes are starting to show some amber i think i will give them till Wednesday then they are coming down…Wednesday will be 9 weeks…the ones in veg need to get in there as soon as possible…they are looking great!


I use advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom parts A+B with supplements… I do think ther is a pic somewhere back in my journal if you look through you will find it…if not let me know…i have since added mammoth P this grow…


Yes chatted before to you, your nutes are the same as mine, just that mine is the Australian version but still owned by Sensi, great product, thanks again just confirming what you used, did you ever PH out of curiosity?


Very nice plant wow :+1::+1::+1::+1:


I do not PH with these nutes but in the past using different nutes I had to


Thank you two different plants there…


9lb hammer…


I think im gonna grow some 9LB hammer hybrid cross that i have on hand, your grow definitely put 1 on my list up there with gg#4 and another bag strain i made my own , Blue 22 OG.


They look great, how many phenos you working with?


I bought a six pack of seeds from jinx proof at the harvest cup last December…they were regular seeds @Dr.DankThumb420 I haven’t sexed them yet…I got 4 out of the 6 that are similar in size and growth pattern and the other 2 are taller they are suspected males but who knows…they are all very healthy and have great structure…I will take a clipping from each one to clone and put them in 12/12 and see whst I got…no rush got plenty of time…


beautiful pictures my friend!!


Growing great I see @WillyJ


Thanks @BIGE and @Screwauger things are coming along…I just got the eight from veg into the flower room last night and super cropped them tonight still have to trim up underneath take clones and trim off some of the larger leaves but I’ll give them a few days to recover and show me what needs to go…time to turn on the lights! Here we go! Lol



Still admiring your indoor forest man! :+1::v::bear:


Thank you @MattyBear


Like always my friend, you do a mesmerizing job :heart_eyes:.
I hope you will like the Bruce Banner in the end :wink:.
Stay safe!


Thank you @M4ur


beautiful garden my friend!


Thanks for the spec details on your grow, i appreciate it. Trying to figure out my next grow. Your plants look great! So were they all female?