When should I top this plant?


Not sure mate. I use local synthetic nutrient. Works a treat. And Cyco coco with chunks.


Here are some pics of the veg room I may put the two biggest out of the three bruce banner plants into the flower room before the others…the sour sunset are in their 6th week …I’m only using 2 out of 4 lights in the room so I’m thinking of putting 2 bb in there and fire up the other 2 lights…this will give me a couple of plants finishing about 3-4 weeks ahead of the others…and the 9lb hammers are doing great getting ready to put them into 1 gal pots for a little while and bud pic of the sour sunset in its 6th week (since flip)


Man they look amazing!!! Keep on keeping on. :+1::v::call_me_hand::sunglasses:


Plants and seedlings and all look sweet @WillyJ


My gals last evening. Larger is train wreck auto other is auto mazar


Auto mazar , you will LOVE that strain! It would knock me out big time and the taste is reaaaaaly nice.


A very genberous friend from AFN who also is a ILGM lab member, handed out the mazar seeds in December free of charge, prob sent me 15 or more. I only dropped one as a test. Thanks for that report though ,ye ha I should say he handed them out to anyone who replied to his offer and there were many who got the beans. He breeds and such so I think he produced these seeds but not clear on that. He may have won a ton of them in a sponsored grow by Dutch Passion.


Mine sadly turned to be hermy, so did the clones, but that first plant I grew gave me rock hard tasty buds that would hit you hard! Not that morning strain if you ask me (youve got trainwreck for that hehe) but it was one of these taste that I loved. Lemony/pine nose, really enjoyed that strain!


Looking good @Screwauger I’m going to drop some more of the auto beans I was given and see if I can do any better on yield with them this time…the quality i was very pleased with I will do a couple of things differently this time to improve on yield hopefully if not the smoke is still kick butt! lol I doubt I’ll ever get an auto to produce like yours but it will be fun trying :wink: I’m going to drop some photos also got a couple of Skywalker og that I acquired in a trade with a real cool dude who I haven’t talked with in a while hope all is well with him…and I have a couple of lambs breath seeds that I got from a guy who painted my truck but I need to call him I cant remember if they are photos or autos seeing we were talking about both and I want to be sure before I drop them…


Now that’s an epic strain I haven’t heard in awhile. @WillyJ


Just talked to the guy who gave me the lambs breath and he told me they are auto seeds which is cool i just grew my first auto plants and enjoyed those… I’m going to drop these along with a couple of the other auto strain I have…


Sour sunset 8 weeks since they went into the flower room…almost there!


looking great @WillyJ i’m way behind!


Wednesday will be 9 weeks in flower room…looked up strain says it should be done between 9-10 weeks its looking like 9 should do it…plus these 8 in veg are sure ready to get in there!


I see you still have your forest @WillyJ looking good as always.


Thanks @Covertgrower I got some cropping to do when they go to flower lol the Bruce banner looks like it’s going to stretch the most I already super cropped those 3 they are beasts they just bushed out and kept on going they’d be over 6 ft if I didn’t and they will need to be cropped again…you can definitely get away with a little less veg time with the Bruce banner if that helps others who plan to grow it with other strains


All out of likes. @WillyJ yeah those sativa dominant strains do tend to stretch a bit more. I’m curious on how much mine will end up stretching as well. I have both indica and sativa in my tent.


G’day mate is there a chance of some photos of the organic nutes you use? Just want to compare with my organic nutes.



As always looking A1. Good job my friend. I was wondering, what size are your veg and bloom room again? And you run how many plants, per room, per light? Im finally getting around to perpetual growing since im moving into a bigger place.


How do the triches look Willy?