When should I top this plant?


I’ve never grown autos… and they’re not in my seed mix just yet, but I enjoy learning from your journal. Those 9lb hammers look just great. Even with a 50/50 split, you should have plenty of girls to fill the grow room and keep you going for a good, long while. Great stuff here. Enjoy your weekend!


This is almost week three in flower. I was using a little too much ff big grow but on track now. This is only my second grow. How do they look?

I had to switch to 12/12 at week 5 because of my grow space


Looking good!


Switched on 12-18


The Bruce banner was getting tall fast so I super cropped them…knocked then down about a foot now they are about level with the sour diesel


2 granddaddy purple and 2 white rhino


Willy Trees!! Great looking grow in progress @WillyJ, again!! I wanna try the sour D as folks all seem to rave about it. Great growing Brother.


Thank you @Screwauger yes the sour d if great!


Looks like a small forest if you ask me!


Man you got it goin on!!! I’m gonna get there one day. Only my second grow. I’m learning a lot from all of y’all. :v::+1:


Ooops, sorry @WillyJ I’m new here. Nothing like coming into the middle of the conversation, not to mention one with almost 3,000 entries. You guys are great with all your information, it’s like being a kid, every day is a new opportunity to learn. I’m topping mine today, thanks for distributing all of your knowledge.


This is excellent use of a basement! :star_struck:


Could you tell me a little more about your PH perfect nutes i think i am using the same or similar but in an Australian equivalent, also was your bruce banner one of the early strains?

cheers @Screwauger @Ausgrow @DownunderNewbie @Sth61The420State


Cheers Mate. I also use the Ph perfect nutes and I am going to say these are not similar (though they could be in make up). Ph perfect nutes are a two part grow (two bottles) and a two part Bloom formula. I am not sure the ingredients in terms of N,P,K and micro/macro nutes so it’s possible, all of your bottles equal ph perfect but not sure.

Otherwise ph perfect bases its sales on it’s ability to self adjust the ph and also, widen the range of ph’s the plant can use effectively.


They are all organic and made by Sensi and here is a Q and A from a faq page


Will Bio Diesel effect the pH of my final nutrient solution?


All Bio Diesel Products are natural and don’t raise the pH. They are very pH friendly and lower the pH of most solutions by approx. 0.1 i.e. If the solution is 6.3 pH and you add Bio Diesel it becomes 6.2 pH.

also the Green and Diamond are a part A part B solution to use in combination.


Our ph perfect would lower my tap ph almost a full1.5 in a five gallon pail. Similar stuff for sure. @WillyJ likely has much to add also.


I should say that i am using these nutes in the Canna Terra Pro medium, and the plants love the combo
thanks heaps for the input, always appreciated, they are in flower now.
Back left is M.O.A.B strain back right HulkBerry front right Critical and front left are two experiments :persevere:


Looking good @Hungrybud :+1::v::bear:


Thanks mate :kangaroo:


@Hungrybud the Bruce banner is from ilgm so it must be their version and @Screwauger pretty much summed it up… with these nutes you ph nothing not even the water you give them between feeding if you do it will mess things up…like he said the nutes are designed to keep you in a certain range suitable for your plants I’m sure your nutes work the same way…and good looking plants you have going looks like your nutrient line is working just fine :+1: