When should I top this plant?


i like it brother!!!


I’m envious of the height you have to work with. Those trees look freakin awesome!


9lb hammer about 10 days old just transplanted into cups…and some pics of a couple autos hanging and a bud from the jar…


Frosty!!! Auto’s look nice @WillyJ


Always looking good willyj!


Sour sunset coming along nicely…pics taken through grow light glasses


Man your babies look amazing I can only hope mine do as good as yours. Great job!! I’m 2 weeks into flower what do u think?


Thank you! Nice looking plant you got there…nice growing :+1::+1:


Beautiful pistils! Those are going to stack heavy!


Thank you! Hopefully…never grown sour sunset before…these are 2 clones given to me…so far I’m liking how they’re looking…added mammoth P to this grow and still using the photosynthesis plus along with it and they seem happy no deficiencies…


I got to tell you the quality of these autos is great…the yield I could work on as the biggest one was only 40g but I’m liking the smoke :+1::+1:rolled up this bud and feeling fine :grin:


Looks delicious @WillyJ

If I can harvest 10 ounce auto’s you can blow that away. Next one, ignore them pistils forming and push N and grow formula nutes for 6-8 weeks. They will stretch more and give you greater rewards I think. Even so, glad you like the smoke!!


I sprouted them in rapid routers and I think I waited aa little to long before before transferring to 3.gal pots…next time as soon as they’re up I’ll transfer them…not sure if that had anything to do with how the ended up but the smoke is great… @Screwauger


9lb hammer 17-18 days old


Hey @WillyJ, I’m on my first grow and my plants are on Day 20. I’m going to top mine at the 4th node. I transplanted mine on day 17, and they were more than ready, so you might think about transplanting soon. I want them in their new home for a week before I stress them again. The 4th or 5th node seems the norm. Actually, I don’t even know why you’d take my advice since I’ve never done it before, but I’ve done a ton of research. That, and I saw a guy do it on UTube about 20 times. Plants look really healthy. Good luck on your project.:ok_hand:


How are you doing @StaggerLee thanks for the input…I do a perpetual grow and will grow these out for awhile in the cups they build a good root base then I move them to 1gal pots grow them for a while in those before they end up in 7 gal pots to finish veg and then move them into my flower room…you should look over my thread from the beginning lots of stuff that may help you…lots of pics to show you how I do things …best of luck on your first grow if I can be of any help feel free to ask


Looking great Willy. I forgot to mention to you i have on hand, 9lbhammer x thai skunk x mr nice bred by a local grower in my region.


Thanks @Dr.DankThumb420 I bought a 6 pack of regular seeds when I was at the harvest cup …not sure if I can say who’s genetics they are on here but look the strain up and you can find out…its their main strain…so far very happy all six are looking great


Will do. I forgot to ask if the 1s he gave me were fem, but i got 100 or so of them.


Sounds like a really nice mix…