When should I top this plant?


Thanks @Screwauger and that sounds like a good plan! I was at the Harvest cup and bought a pack of 6 9lb hammer regular seeds which I dropped a day ago and all 6 have tails they will be going into rapid routers today…I also got to take some clones off the 2 in the flower room and give those a trim…


That’s great. I don’t know how you keep 'em all straight with so many plants, let alone varieties, in the mix. (I know; label, label, label… but still!).


Nice job as always @WillyJ I like the use of the tables. Brings everyone to your working level. 9lb hammer sounds heavy! Look forward see this grow along.


I love taking a trip around your grow rooms @WillyJ! Happy New Year bud :v::bear:


Looking good Willy. I still remember that purple trainwreck bagseed you did with the crazy purple color.


Took clones and trimmed up the sour sunset plants…time to grow some nice buds :grin:


Looking good as always.


What a time to be out of likes. I’ll have to catch those up later. Those will turn into some beautiful flowers.


sour sunset just sounds like a great strain…lol looking great @WillyJ


Dropped 6 regular 9lb hammer seeds the other day 5 sprouted yesterday and 1 today…now let’s hope for some girls! All I’ve pretty much have grown is feminized seeds or if I get a couple seeds from a harvest I’ve grown those and have got some nice plants but they came from feminized plants…and clones are always female so this is my first time with regular seeds…hopefully I get something good


I know you can get something good if you leave a male and female together too long…


Two of the autos had enough amber to get chopped…


Very nice plants @WillyJ can’t wait to see the flowers in jars!


taking down the christmas trees i see…looking great @WillyJ


Thanks guys …my first time growing autos they produce some pretty chunky buds…very sticky and stanky! Can’t wait to sample…I got a few buds that fell off they are on the speed dry plan! will be sampling in a couple of days lol the biggest and smallest out of 4 are yet to finish… should be within a few days


Darn I hate when that happens hahahahaha @WillyJ Woohoo hahvest!!!


Sour sunset…19 days since they went in flower room


Coming along nicely in the veg room…


lol,you catch up quickly @WillyJ


By the time the sour sunset finish I should be able to fill that room up… :grin: @BIGE