When should I top this plant?


Looking good @WillyJ glad to you see you around.


awesome brother!!!
are you in for the winter?


Not yet @BIGE still at it …its going to start getting spotty after this week I’m sure…


of coarse it is mid winter and we have a job starting soon,first of the year…
they broke ground the other day,but i believe they will wait until new years is over to start putting in barrier walls.


It’s a good thing there is still work…I’m sure not going to complain :wink:


this is the status quo around our workplace,i’m not going to complain none…lol
it is just ironic that it usually goes this way…feast or famine!


Here are the 2 sour sunset clones…just put them in the flower room…I gave them each their own light…these are 2 nice plants hopefully they will do well in flower…the room looks empty only 2 lights on…when these 2 finish I’ll have 8 nice plants to fill the room…these 8 are going into 7 gal pots by this weekend

@BIGE @Screwauger @Dr.DankThumb420 @Covertgrower


i can see those filling your room up…lol
beautiful plant as always brother!


You know how to grow’em @WillyJ! You inspire everyone.


So true! If I see @WillyJ, @BIGE, @Covertgrower on a thread, I know that there is wisdom being shared, worth checking in on!.. not to rule out many others, of course. But ever since I saw WillyJ creating his grow space, I’ve been a bit envious, but mostly impressed.


@WillyJ inspired me to move to the shed! and wife insisted too lol


Glad to help inspire lol you guys all have helped me more than I can say thank you!


Thanks @WonkaMan for the compliment, many others are worthy of this same compliment. The main goal is all to contribute and grow with wisdom together.


I transplanted 3 Bruce banner and 1 sour diesel from 1 gal to 7 gal they are happy now…it was getting crowded on the table…I still got to transplant 2 white rhino and 2 granddaddy purple but they are fine for now on the table with more room …when the autos finish up they will take their spot…they should be finishing soon…I decided they’re doing fine under 18/6 so I never moved them to the flower room…cheaper this way I dont have to fire up another 1000 in the flower room…they are doing great under the 600 mh though I may still throw them in there to finish up for the next week or two that way I’ll have the room to transplant the others
Here are the 4 just transplanted


Hey @WillyJ Room looks great and plants, as always, pictures of health!!!


Thanks @Screwauger those autos are really chunking up …been checking trichomes and pretty much all cloudy and one I’ve found 1 or two amber…do they finished fast? Or do I have a week or two to go? Looks like two are going to finish before the other two…don’t want to chop to early but don’t want to come home one night and find them over ripe…


I generally find them to finish at a similar rate to photos so I think you have a week at least.


That damn skunky ak47!!!


Transplanted the 2 white rhino and 2 granddaddy purple last night from the 1 gal to the 7 gal pots moved 3 of the autos up onto the table …1 was to tall so she’ll stay on the floor…decided to keep them in the veg room to finish…when the 2 sour sunset that are in flower room now finish these 8 I just transplanted will go in …that will be in around 8 weeks from now…the Bruce banner looks to be a beast so there will be some heavy training on those 3…all will need some …looking to be some nice big plants by the time I can get them into the flower room :grin:

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Looking sweet @WillyJ. I’m busy this morning setting up pots. I dropped a Northern lights auto and a gorilla glue fem. gonna try a staggered harvest by getting the auto out of my tent just about the time the gg needs the room. Best laid plans!!