When should I top this plant?


those babies look ready for wide open spaces!!


They look good (the autos specifically). I have many times thought things had stalled in that first 3-4 weeks then boom, they took off.

You will start to see pistils/start of flower soon. Ignore that and push grow nutrients until she stops growing vertically (or thereabouts). @WillyJ


Thanks for the info @Screwauger I know it wont be for a little while but about when do I put them in the flower room under the hps lights? The 2 that are behind are starting to come around…still less than a 1/4 of the size of the other 3 but hopefully they will produce…I was told this strain is called sucker punch I haven’t looked up any info on it have you heard of it? Another question is how long from sprout to finish? I think I was told about 60 days but not sure


Anytime buddy. No, have not heard of or read about that strain.

Here’s how I do it.
It doesn’t matter how much light they get though I wouldn’t go below 14 hours before you switch to flower.
No matter if they are in 12/12 18/6 or 24/0 they are going to flower when they are ready.

Auto’s do have a stretch but it’s less pronounced than a photo, so you will see them take off at some point.

If you shoot for the breeder estimate of 60 days you need to switch to bloom nutes at 28 days but you will end up with much less yield than I average. You might get 3-4 ounces, I shoot for 7-9 ounces by doing following this guideline. (next post)



Give them time to build a strong root system, maybe you will be surprised :wink:


So I take it once they are ready for bloom nutes that’s when you switch from mh light to hps light? Thanks again for the info


5 out of 6 sprouted at the same time so all 5 are same age just 2 are way behind but are starting to show improvement


Yes @WillyJ and I have had a few that kept gaining inches in height into week 8 so I just kept the grow nutes going until that slowed or stopped. Anywhere from end of week 6 (day 42) to end of week 7 ish is typically when I start to transition to bloom. I go half grow half bloom the first res (5 days) then full bloom stuff after that. You can see how doing it this way makes the 60 day estimate kind of silly. My current auto went about 107 days!!!


@Screwauger what kind of medium are you using when you follow this timeline for autos? I’m interested because I am growing my first ever auto and liked your timeline you had laid out.


I am growing in 100% promix (soiless medium) and I use autopots which are an automated watering system that supplies constant nutrients to the plant/pot base. @Missiles


Ok that makes sense. I’m in FFOF. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences :wink:. I appreciate it.


Autos are coming along nicely I think…never grew them before…5 out of 6 took and 1 turned out to be a Male I believe…first one ever…seeds were given to me …took him out of the room…a Male auto not sure what to do with him?should I harvest pollen and try an make some seeds?would crossbreeding with a photo make more auto seeds? Here is a pic of the Male and a few bud pics from the girls…

@BIGE @Screwauger @Dr.DankThumb420 and all interested…


Nice to see you around! I believe its a 50/50 chance of seeds being auto when crossing with photo.
How have you been? Good i hope. Just about to start my next grow. Got some new gear.


No idea on the male and what would result @WillyJ
Plants look super as always!!


Hey @Dr.DankThumb420 I’m still around just super busy with work thanks for the info I’ll probably just give the Male to a friend who will do something with it as my time is still tight right now…just got enough time to take care of what I got going got some photos going also all ilgm strains except for 2 sour sunset clones that are ready for the flower room…I’ve got to change the 1000’s with new bulbs and clean the fans still then they are going in…I’m going to give them each their own light…when they finish I got 8 more going in…they will be 3 Bruce banner 1 sour diesel 2 white rhino and 2 granddaddy purple…

Sour sunset

GDP and wr

BB and sd
@Screwauger @BIGE


Thanks @Screwauger the autos are still under mh light I’m planning on putting them in the flower room with the sour sunset will they do ok under 12/12? They have been under 18/6


Oh yeah, they will be fine under that schedule @WillyJ


Thanks @Screwauger heading over to the harvest cup today should be a great time…good friends of ours put it together…hopefully I’ll have something worthy of entering next year…I was going to enter last year but got cold feet last minute lol


Never been to such a gathering but I sure would think it was cool if I did. I harvested over 17 ounces from an outdoor pineapple haze (ILGM) clone given to me by @Willd. It is some of the best pot I ever grew and it cured up so fine. I would enter it in a second. Looking forward to Wed when I go see Will and press some of it into rosin!! Growing your own is where it’s at.