When should I top this plant?


sounds like a great strain…i’m off to leafly to check it out…
i sometimes have troubles with seeds as well… my last attempt yeilded 3out of four,but the round previous was a PIA…
good to hear from you!


@Dr.DankThumb420 they are kick ass nice and stinky …they made it thru without any serious deficiencies …smoke is nice and clean…probably could have yielded more of I fed the more and paid a little more attention to them but they produced some serious smoke!


The same friend that gave me the sour sunset also gave me some seeds he said are autos…I’ve never grown autos so I will probably be hitting you up for some advice @Screwauger the strain is supposed to be sucker punch…figure I’ll grow some out seeing I got plenty of room right now…


looks like them dogs will hunt…


Great seeing you back!! This was a fun journal to follow!


Groovy Mon. I’m here and glad pitch in @WillyJ


5 out of 6 autos have popped up 1 GDP coming along slowly 1 dead and a sour diesel looking like it should pop up by tomorrow

@Screwauger @BIGE @Dr.DankThumb420 @Blasting


i about glued my fingers together yesterday fixing a yo-yo…lol
they are popping their heads up…


nail polish remover


Here are the 3 Bruce banner and 2 white rhino and 1 GDP… all are about 20 days old except for the GDP that’s probably 10 or 15 days lol haven’t kept track and I’m having trouble with the GDP they either do nothing (mostly) or pop up and die off… a couple did that…I currently got 2 survivors 1 strong the other is struggling but should pull through hopefully

@BIGE @Screwauger @Dr.DankThumb420 @Blasting


Must have splashed a little water on a couple leaves as you’ll see a few light burn spots…one little bb is a little twisted probably from the coco loco mix…thought I’d try something different…I was using straight pro mix hp which worked out just fine but I noticed a change in the flavor on my last run it was lacking slightly than in the past so I figured I’d change medium and see …


I use roots organics 707 mixed with the promix hp. Coupled with the Emerald Harvest nutrients, taste is splendid.


Top left 2 are white rhino the top right 2 are GDP and the bottom 3 are Bruce banner…that little GDP looks like its going to make it… with a little time she’ll catch up…she seems to be doing better since I put her in the cup…


Funny to see them like that @WillyJ compared to what you will have them looking like at harvest. I love growing marijuana. Have you grown the BB before?

Purple Haze getting ready to be ready:


I have not grown bb before @Screwauger but I have grown purple haze and you should enjoy that! have you grown bb ?


By the way looking fantastic!


If ILGM bruce banner stand ups to the one I smoked… your in for a great time friend! Plants be looking good, youre in the worst time right now I hate that part of growing.


No not yet! Be eager to see how they do and what your assessment is down the road!!
I had this same strain ready to harvest this summer. Moved it outside and the mold took all of it. The tops on this gal are rock hard!! I like that. Best of luck Buddy!!!


I’ve never grown autos before…I sprouted them in rapid routers transplanted into 3 gal pots had them under T5 lights 3 took off and look to be doing fine but I’m not sure if they are behind or not…I’ve moved them under a 600 mh… the other 2 are way behind but are starting to show improvement… probably to late for them? they are still under the T5 light for now…here are some pics… they are around 27 days old I think lol @Screwauger @BIGE @M4ur


Here are the 2 white rhino 3 Bruce banner 1 sour diesel and 2 granddaddy purple…doing well probably going to transplant into 1 gal pots until the autos and my 2 sour sunset plants are ready for the flower room then I’ll put them in 7 gal pots and move them under the 2 600 mh…