When should I top this plant?


They are looking good Willy.


looking good @WillyJ


Looking great @WillyJ! Thanks for checking in brother :v:


Look at those gorgeous girl @WillyJ! Beautiful!


As others have said - the buds look fantastic!! :+1:t3: You are just a growing machine! Speaking of machines - when you get to harvesting all those goodies - do you use one of those bud trimmers?


Lol @BIGE stoned minds think alike


I love it when they look like that almost 2 months into flower. You know you’re gonna get some massive buds from them when they’re still pushing calyxes this far into flower.


Beautiful @WillyJ


I dropped some new seeds 4 Grandaddy purple 4 Bruce banner…only 2 Bruce banner sprouted…the GDP none…so I dropped 4 more GDP 2 days ago and still nothing…dropped 2 white rhino at the same time and only 1 sprouted out of the 2 so far…trying to get 8 plants going…my plan was 4 GDP and 4 Bruce banner had 5 Bruce seeds gave 1 away and only 2 of the 4 remaining sprouted so I dropped the white rhino (2) and only 1 sprouted…looks like I’ll drop 4 more GDP and another white rhino hopefully they sprout…looks like I’ll have to contact ilgm about this…I really was looking forward to the GDP but cant get any to sprout has anyone had any luck with the ilgm GDP stain? @BIGE @Screwauger or any one else? Thanks


have not grown it yet @WillyJ
sorry that you’re having trouble…


Thanks @BIGE I gave a couple to another friend I’ll have to get ahold of him and see if he tried growing them yet…


Hi @WillyJ, I’m glad to see you around friend.
Sorry for “lost”(seeds), I hope that Bruce Banner will make you feel better :joy:.
I have the number III, from G. C. and I’m proud of her :joy:


Hey @WillyJ no Sir I have not tried those strains yet.
Great to see ya and I look forward to following along!!


Hey willy hows everything? Hopefully good. I miss reading your updates. Did you have any luck with the gdp?


All is well @Dr.DankThumb420 I’ve been really busy with work so I took a break from growing over the summer couldn’t pay proper attention to them…I’ve started up some new strains and so far I’ve got 3 Bruce Banner 2 white rhino and 3 GDP but it looks like only 2 will survive 1 is looking good and 1 is struggling but should pull thru…the last one of the 3 isn’t looking good and probably wont make it…I got 3 more GDP seeds left I’ll drop another soon if that one doesn’t make it…had 20 GDP seeds traded 5 got 3 left so it took 12 to get 3 to germinate and only 1 that looks decent so far…not to pleased with the germination rate on those hopefully I get at least 1 nice GDP so I can clone her…out of the BB and WR 1 each are really strong and the others are coming along…a friend gave me 2 sour sunset clones which I just transplanted into 7 gallon soft pots and put them under a 600mh tonight he says the strain is awesome so we will see…hope your grow is doing well…I’m going to try and find time to post updates and see how you all are doing! Going to put a couple of tags here but saying hi to all hope everyone here is doing fine! @BIGE @Screwauger



Sour sunset is bomb. Glad to hear all is well. Im sure you have plenty stocked up so taking a break is a good thing. I am going to do same thing. One last indoor grow before weather gets to hot to do so. Then im taking a good break, but will try to have 1 nice plant outdoor. A decent sized one. Lol


Glad to hear the sour sunset is something good got 2 nice ones going they should take off now that they are in 7 gallon pots…I grew 2 real nice sour diesel outside this year the stuff is some killa lol I only fed them grow nutes once and bloom twice and they did great! Really didn’t pay much attention to them and the still did great


Howd the plants compare to your indoor regularly fed plants? Did they show more deficiency of nutes? Howd they smoke.


Hey @WillyJ

Thanks for the tag Bro and welcome back.
Always educational and fun to follow your grows.
I just harvested a 17.5 ounce ILGM Pineapple Haze (in the back yard)
Now I am watching a purple haze in the tent which is about 3-4 weeks from harvest.
Great to see ya back at it.