When should I top this plant?


Excellent I’m glad I could help out… your doing an awesome job :+1::+1:


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder @WillyJ. She is gorgeous!


Thank you @AnneBonny I have 7 more I’m harvesting hopefully all of them this weekend I have no time during the week…


Hey willy hows everything


Hey @Dr.DankThumb420 things a great been real busy with work but still got my rooms going just hard to find time to get on here…got 3 ptw 1 gdp (not ilgm) ang 4 unknown bagseed which I grew before these are all clones from a grow I did last year they’ve been vegging for around 9 months before I put them in flower…Monday will be beginning of w 2 for them…I’m at bike week in Laconia NH going home later today…eventually I’ll get some pics up lol…how are you doing?


lol,put it in the wind brother!!!


Im doing alright. Been better before. Just trying to get my grow together. Glad to hear everything is good.


Hope things are going great @WillyJ
Miss seeing your grow rooms (I’m not alone there hahaha)
No pressure, I’e been busy and having trouble keeping up on the forum.
Enjoy summer and I got materials now so I’ll email ya!!!


All is well thanks…I’ve been real busy with work and trying to keep up on my rooms…I haven’t had the time to post on here but still check in once and a while to see how you all are doing…my flower room is in its third week and doing well…I have 3 ptw 1gdp (not ilgm) and 4 bagseed…I have to plan on starting some new strains I have but the time constraints have held that up…when I do drop some seeds I think it will be 2 each of GDP, white rhino, Bruce banner and another I haven’t decided yet maybe some gorilla glue #4 that I acquired from a good buddy :wink: any input from anyone who has grown these strains would be appreciated…hope all is well with everyone and all grows are going great! Here’s a couple pics of my flower room…

@Screwauger @BIGE @Momtomask @daz49


I didn’t let these get as big as some in the past…they are still big though they are in 7 gal pots…wasn’t going to have the time to keep on them as much so I wanted more room to make it easier to keep a eye on them and have plenty of air flow …not being around much I want to lessen the chance of any problems and give them their space…


I haven’t grown any of those, but I do have white rhino seeds. My friend grew gorilla glue #4 said it smelled like chocolate and coffee. I’ve read it’s a 50/50, which interests me. I would love to follow along. @WillyJ


awesome as always @WillyJ
winter will be here soon enough,and we will all be singing the cabin fever blues…lol


4 weeks


Beautiful flowers @WillyJ


Looking good my friend :v::+1:


Ohhh yeaah!!! :heart_eyes: she looks so happpyy


Week 7

@BIGE @Screwauger @Dr.DankThumb420 @Sirsmokes @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Momtomask @Nug-bug @M4ur @AnneBonny
And anyone I may have not tagged :grin:


Beautiful… I want to see the “bark” lmao.
Looking great as always


I’ll try and take a few of the stalks when lights are back on tonight


No biggie @WillyJ just bsing