When should I top this plant?


A good scientist never reveals the whole formula!!
Just kidding ya @WillyJ
I am sticking with the ph perfect line too.


Day 56 things are starting to look like harvest time! :grin:

Some random bud porn…


Gorgeous @WillyJ thanks for the views.


amazing looking buds @WillyJ


Long hard day today…chores are done… showered up and now it’s time for some sour diesel before bed…nite all


boy ohh boy that’s some great looking bud @WillyJ


Yup @WillyJ I would eagerly show your buds off to anyone wondering if they could grow good dope. Look at what this man accomplishes in his basement!!

My dad used to call anything perfect “Story Book.” Those are story book eggs, etc.

That’s all I hear when I look at your cola’s. Them there are Story Book cola’s (the premise being you only see “things” that perfect in a story (picture) book).

Great work Bub.


I agree with @Screwauger - your grows are amazing :+1:t3: Would you consider doing a tutorial on trimming like you did on cloning? As I sit trying to trim up these first plants I a not sure how to get mine to look like that. So far I would say I like wet trimming better than dry. Your thoughts?


Thank you @Screwauger and @Momtomask I don’t think I do anything special lol good genetics…and I’ll try and get something on here about what I do to trim…sorry haven’t been here much been real busy with work


This is the first plant out of the flower room…purple haze she will be chopped tomorrow morning…she’s had straight water for the last 2 weeks and has finished nicely… been so busy I haven’t had time to keep up with pulling the dead leaves so she ain’t to pretty but man is she going to be good!

Here’s a pic with flash just thought it looked cool :grinning:


@WillyJ sometimes it’s not a pretty finish, light burn, nutrient burn, you name it, but it’s %#>*^ing potent!
Ps, she looks great drooping from the heavy buds. Very nice!


They are eating themselves starving from lack of nutrients finishing just how I like them too…I tried a small bud to sample and wow I can’t wait to try one of those prime buds :grin:


Looks like she couldnt handle no more weight haha!


Amazing plant, those buds are breaking the plant :heart_eyes:


She is sitting in my work area out of the flower room…in the flower room I had plant yo yos holding her up so nothing is supporting her now and yes those buds are heavy :grin: @Blasting @M4ur



What a monster!! Bet that work area smells delicious. Thanks for the pics and the update!! WOW Brother that’s a marijuana plant!!! Nice growing Willy


Outrageous!! I don’t know how you do it! :star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️


That thing looks like some kind of mutant octopus plant. Looking good my friend. :+1::v:


So once again with your methodology @willyj I have perfect success :+1:t3:


Thanks @Screwauger @Momtomask @Dieselgrower she’s just about done drying looks real nice :grin: