When should I top this plant?


The new T5 fixture I got is 324w 6 bulbs at 54w ea it says its 30,000 lumens all I really care about is how the plants like it…I know they like the 4 bulb fixture with the 6500k bulbs this fixture has 6400k bulbs and they seem to really like it…

Sour diesel clones


They really seem to love those fluorescents! @WillyJ everyone is reaching for it!


Day 3 of week 8


And already orange hairs! Those look dank!


Those colors @WillyJ love them! Out of likes.


Those look good my friend :+1:


Phenomenal looking specimens @WillyJ
Seems like you know what you’re doing over there!!! Nice growing Brother


@WillyJ very impressive. You got me thinking I need to try to do some of this cloning business. Great looking plants!


Bruce banner has arrived!


Wow. Thats fast. Im still waiting on my order that shipped 3/28…


The banner took a little longer than the GDP but once shipped they arrived within 2 weeks maybe it takes a little longer to get to the west coast? @Dr.DankThumb420


I took samples one from each plant so 8 samples two of each strain hung them up in veg and let the dry…took them down and it seems just in time they are not over dry…just rolled up some purple haze and tried it out…wow! This is going to be something really nice! What a buzz and this was just lower small bud…very nice taste fingers get all sticky breaking it up…were was I?


Love your Cannons @WillyJ

That looks like some really nice Bud. This growing stuff is better than se…se…seven other things I could name easily. Have a great weekend Buddy!


Thanks @Screwauger this ilgm 8 are looking fantastic and so far the purple haze is great now to test the others! Have a great night!


Here are sample buds of sour diesel and gold leaf the super silver haze I forgot to take a pic before I broke it up and smoked it but it was great! As was the sd and gl first pic gold leaf second sour diesel and third some pieces of super silver haze


Here are some updated pics of the veg room… sour diesel monster cropped clones under the new T5 light

The 8 clones I picked from the last bunch of clones

The bagseed are starting to come around and are looking better

And the purple trainwreck and 1 grandaddy purple (not ilgm) looking good


Beautious @WillyJ

Your plants are looking exceptionally healthy!!


Beautiful as always @WillyJ


Thank you @Screwauger and @AnneBonny the ph perfect nutes are working very nicely with some microbes… and cal mag plus incorporated in all in pro mix hp and they are very happy…


@WillyJ I love looking at the fullness of a monster clone. They all look great.