When should I top this plant?


looking great @WillyJ


Thanks @BIGE the bagseed have been a little troublesome but are starting to get a little happier in the 7gal pots a little more time and they’ll be fine…


Looking super fine as usual @WillyJ

All cylinders firing it appears!! Great work!


Thanks @Screwauger can’t wait for your next grow!


@Mikos here is my thread


Thanks they all look amazing willy J thanks for the tag my friend.


Everything looks great @willyj :+1:t3:


Looks great man :+1::v:


I love your small forest. @WillyJ


My 4’- 6 bulb T5 fixture came in today… I want more coverage on top and under the table and I like the T5’s for seedlings clones and veg before they go under the 600 mh’s to veg before flower…so the 4’-4 bulb will be moved under and the 6 bulb will replace it on top…opened the box and 1 bulb is broken so I guess I contact Amazon about that? I can pick one up at the grow store but seeing how long they last I think I’ll let them replace it…


Just got home from work and my GDP seeds are sitting on the dining room table…they shipped on the 5th so 14 days that’s pretty good! 2 previous orders took 12 days from shipping…Bruce banner shipped on the 10th so not far behind… :grin:


Woohoo new beans and new toys :+1::v:


Nice light @WillyJ and bonus from the postman!! Can not beat that. Well, you can with a nice phat cannon in your hand!!


I’ve been tempted to purchase that same light for a veg light. @WillyJ let me know when you fire it up.


The light seems good @Covertgrower the only difference from my 4 bulb fixture is that the 6 bulb came with 6400k bulbs and my 4 bulb came with 6500k bulbs not sure which is better but I’m sure it’s going to work fine…I like the T5’s for start of veg and finish veg under 600 mh


Set up new light and moved other under table to replace 2’-2bulb… here are some updated picks of veg room with new light


Wow thats fast. Im still waiting on my shipment, its almost about to be 25 business Days and still nothing…


looking good @WillyJ,you may have to expand with all of those clones!!!


Yes the average time has been 12 days I’m happy with that!


I will only keep 8 @BIGE the rest will go to friends or the mulch pile…