When should I top this plant?


It’s a great day for it @WillyJ

I’m busting into a nice Green Crack nugget


Looks like an “afternoon delight” :v:


A little tune up before I go to the barber for a tune up haha…going out to a fancy restaurant tonight and I get a good shave from him…plus I’m feeling lazy about shaving today :wink:


Hope the food was great @WillyJ


Well it was ok but definitely not worth the money or the hr drive but we had a good time so not a bad night thanks @Screwauger


Hope everyone has had a happy Easter…here are some sour diesel monster cropped clones I will be transplanting 8 to 1 gal pots


I love monsters @WillyJ (never in my adulthood I thought I would say that!)


Here are my 8 sd clones I chose I’m not choosing a cc this run I’ll reintroduce that strain another grow the sd monster cropped clones are just to nice to not choose 8 also here are my 4 bagseed clones I just transplanted into 7 gal pots…I did a little super cropping and training they should be happy and take off…let’s see if the runt catches up

They’re looking a little ruff I stalled them about as long as possible in the 1 gal pots


Here are the rest… the tall ones in the back are critical cheese sour diesel in the front…my friend wants these and I need the room so I need to get them to him…

I need the room for my 8 I want them 2 by 2 under the light but this will have to do for now…


Just ordered the Easter special on GDP :grin:


I was so tempted to order more seeds but have more then enough on the way. Lol that extra money is going into a department that can always use funding: Fire arms. Cant have enough of those. Lmao


Or ammo @Dr.DankThumb420 :wink:


Update on clones…all except 3 sd and 1 gl have rooted…those 4 are taking their time if they root at all…I think they were to damp and are taking longer we will see…


@WillyJ that’s a beautiful sight!
@merlin44 can see what it looks like in a peat plug. ^


Got the email my order of GDP seeds are on their way! :+1::+1::grin:


Purple haze one day shy of six weeks


looking great @WillyJ


Indeed Brother, looking fantastic. Great pics and great growing @WillyJ


Excellent @WillyJ


Update on my veg room…the 8 sd clones I transplanted into 1gal pot are doing great I still have some of that batch in cups I’m saving for a friend I would put them in 1gal also but no room with all the smaller clones which are all doing fine also…

And here are the next 8 to go into flower 3 ptw,1 GDP,and 4 bagseed all clones…