When should I top this plant?


I was just wondering how your supercroping turnee out and I log in to this! Amazing work they sure are loving what you do!


Monster cropped clones about time I pick my 8 and get to transplanting into 1 gal pots my friend wants the rest…


I have likes, but I love this. @WillyJ they look great.


Some bud pics at 4 weeks


Looking frosty Willy.


Super pics @WillyJ


Thanks for the update @WillyJ always enjoy them. They look awesome.


Amazing bro… I was flipping the light schedule 3 weeks ago but them are looking very different (mine and yours),… Definitely your care is much better than mine… Also those big lights are very good :wink:… Nice job friend :+1:


Looking great man :+1:


Thanks everyone I’m happy with the grow so far


Here’s an update on the monster cropped clones they are starting to show roots…in the next day or 2 the majority of them if not all should show


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15% what a bargain !!


Is it ok to put up the code? @BIGE


i’d say yes,as long as it does not have .com on it…
you are not advertising


i’m digging the clones @WillyJ
i need to be checking mine soon


Ok cool just making sure…the code is HARVESTCUP look up butter brewer they have a website go from there…


Thanks they are starting to root…in the next couple days I should have roots everywhere :grin: they’re doing fine a couple are yellowing some but should be ok if not that’s why you take extra right…


I let some of those cuttings sit in jars of water for a few weeks before I finally got to them so we will see how they do…lol


A little afternoon sour diesel :grin: