When should I top this plant?


Hello all…this is my first time growing indoors and only my second grow…I grew 2 on my deck last year…I currently have 3 plants …a purple train wreck which is a bag seed, a critical cheese which came from a friend who grows and a sour diesel from ilgm…the ptw is 35 days old and wondering if I should top it yet?

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Looking good. The time to top is usually after the 4th or 5th node. But your plant looks ready for transplant asap. What’s your ph? your leaves look crisp maybe from ph swings or light burn what light are u using and how close


@Dr.DankThumb420 I was hoping to have my rooms built by next weekend…I only have one 2.2 T5 light rite now that I bought for seedlings…I have 2 others started so they’re all under that light…they’re in ffof,my my water is is 6.0 out of tap which I up a little to around 6.5 which are estimated as I’m going off the color chart with the up down kit…run off is around the same…I need to pick up a meter…I moved my light up to adout 4 inches from about 2…my temp is 77 and humidity is 42…was hoping I could get away with not transplanting until my room is ready


these are my other 2 @Dr.DankThumb420


critical cheese on left ilgm sour diesel on right


They’re ready for water…I’m going to wait till tomorrow to water the sd


If you are going to be more than a few days, you might want to go ahead and transplant anyway and leave them under the same light. A bigger pot will let the roots grow out. Or you can leave them in your current pot if less than a week - ten days.
It seems like getting them into their permanent home would be the best way to go. That way they keep growing. In the cups, they are likely to get root bound and stop growing. the T-5 can keep growing them for a while. Just my opinion. Jerry


@TxGrowman I should have my rooms ready by next weekend I was hoping to do it then…i wanted to put them rite into 5 gal pots…I have another thread with my grow room plans if you want to check them out and tell me what you think 🖒


I also put pics up of my first grow which was last summer outside…this is my first indoor…first grow was from clones…this one from seeds


Just a heads up to leave tap water sit open for 24 hours before use to let the chlorine evaporate. Unless you’re on a well. Looking good though :+1:


@Matthew420 yes it’s filtered and I let it sit in a jug


That must be clones that big in a solo cup!


@Matthew420 I know it needs to be transplanted like @Dr.DankThumb420 said but I won’t have my room done until this weekend and I want to go into 5 gal pots only want to transplant once if possible should I top now or after I transplant?


@yoshi no it’s a bag seed purple night train…it’s 35 days old it started slow and I put the plug in ffof and it took off


I think you could get away with doing either before or after. I did mine a week before I thought it was going into a 5 gal pot. But, something came up and I needed to transplant right away so it was only a couple days in between and all was okay.


@yoshi Im scrambling to get my rooms built…my veg room will have 2 1000w mh


@Matthew420 ok thanks its still growing every night so I don’t think it’s root bound yet


So maybe when I plant my seeds that’s germinating I’ll used a Rockwood or I have the peat plug and start them in one gallons I’m guessing .