When should I top my girls& Why do some leaves have 3 points, 5 points, and others with 7 points?

These are my girls they are about 3 weeks old they are in FOX FARM HAPPY FROG. They are GG female from ILGM. Humidity and temps are at 65-75%, 76-78•F . I put extra perlite in the soil. I don’t know if I put to much. They are under 2 maxisuns 2000w quantum board.

When should I top them and start doing super cropping or low stress training ??

Do they look healthy ??? They are coneing a little and looks like heat damage but I move lights further away

why do some leaves have 3 tips others have 5 and the very top ones have 7. Why is this ?? What does this mean ??

As it gets older you’ll see the 7 point leaves come out.

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Ok thank you, any idea on when I should top my plants ? They are about 3 weeks old.

I usually top above the 4th node. Make sure you leave a little stem above the node (about half an inch) when you top. It helps keep the stem from splitting.