When/should I think about topping?

what should I be looking for going into week 3? Topping?

I waited until mine were growing 6th node, topped above 4th. Hard to tell but looks like you are just growing the 4th. I’d wait a bit.

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How many colas do you want? If you want 6 cut above the 3rd node, close to the bottom of the 4th, you want 8, cut above the 4th, and so on.

As Bow pointed out, I’d wait to have 6 node before topping.

I wait until this fourth node

Leaves out like this third node

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Thank you!

Thanks folks! The consensus sounds like… slow down and don’t rush🤣. In terms of the Colas Q, I really haven’t thought about it. I guess I’m going for a short compact plant right now.

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