When should I swtich from Veg to Bloom Nutes

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See attached, my plants are 3-4 months old, and are very healthy. I’m seeing flowers, especially on the Super Skunk. Currently still using Veg , in SoCal days are still 14+ hours until the end of July. Weather is 85-100 daily, full sun. Initially, I thought with natural light to switch to bloom the end of August when days drop to 13.5 light. Local Hydro guy told me switch now to bloom formula for the next 2-4 months, i’m looking for some suggestions on when/how to transition. Plants currently show blooming/buds and new veg growth. The mix, all FEM are Green Crack,LSD,Crystal,chronic Widow,OG Kush and SuperSkunk.

If you are using sunlight, the plants will switch to bloom when they want because of the longer nights. (Indoor growers can switch anytime to 12/12 light to force them into bloom.) You should wait until August when flowers really start to form and you see lots of white pistols. Then switch to bloom nutes. Make sure your plants do not see anything stronger than moonlight when they are in flower.


Here is what I see. You started these plants indoor. You had them under 18+ hours of light I am leaning more towards 24 hours. You placed them outside into their current spots around the first part of May. The drastic change in light hour tricked them into starting to flowering.

This is why they have single fan leaves on some of the plants and are still making flowers. However, some of your strains pulled out of it and stopped flowering and started doing five or more leaves. These are looking good, but some of the strains have a harder time coming out of it these are in limbo and might just stay that way until finishing with the others when the natural photo cycle comes.

I would on the strains that are in limbo give them a 25% flower and 75% Veg blend, so they do not burn up all the P.K. in their systems and start to suffer. That is until you all start to flower later in the season. Then give them the feeding plan you were going to give at that point to match your other plants.

Other than that they are looking good Ace.

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Thanks OG, you are spot on!! next year i’ll keep my indoor lights to 12-13 in Mar-Apr before moving outdoors, i’ll following the sunlight schedule.

Don’t do that it will cause them to flower. Try 18 hours light 6 hours dark and then place them in the ground later in the month.
Like around the 15 of May outside to adjust to being outside for a day or two before going into the ground.
Remember for outside if you start them indoors early in the year. They will still grow big don’t rush getting them into the ground.

Photoperiod plants need short nights to stay in veg. If you put them outside too early, shine a light on them for 15 minutes around midnight and that will keep them in veg. Then in mid-summer you can stop because the natural nights are short. When the nights start to get longer in fall, they will start to bloom.