When should I start LST my White Widow Autos?

Lay em down , lay em down here’s one

A little over 2 Oz is the best ive done on one yet. And when I first started autos Less than 1 Oz on one… Lol. I have my VPD dialed in and I think I have good genetics and I’m now in Cocoa I will see this next harvest the difference

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Here is the journal I have going right now. Includes the experiments with all the autos. Take a look at one experiment in particular. I’ll call it the leaning poll. Wasnt my idea got it from @Happilyretired. I’m loving what I see with it and cant wait to see it finish.

Haha for got the link. Shouldn’t smoke and post. Bow4Buck's 1st Ever Grow Outdoors