When should I start flushing?

This is my first grow I’m on week 3 or 4 of flowering. I was just curious about when to start flushing.i know 2 weeks but is there anyway to tell from the flower when to start flushing.


You are 6 weeks away from flushing. Those are just starting. When your flower looks like this:

It’s time to flush when it looks like that.


You have quite a ways to go yet. You probably won’t be thinking about harvest until week 8. Monitor the swelling of flowers and your trichomes to gauge when you are near.

I do a one-and-done flush several days before harvest and that method has worked well for me.

What is it lol


Hes part of my praying mantis and lady bug army .


Hey you know why ladybugs are a waste of money ?

They fly away…lmao

I couldn’t help it I was watching a video once and that was the joke the guy had. He opened a bag and they all flew away.

I wonder how big the mantis will get.

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Sweet, always liked praying mantis.


Nope I keep three to 5 on each plant at all times. I release a few every week. U keep in fridge they go dormant almost.thst one in pick is 3 weeks old. They are pretty awesome I’ve caught them around my house 5 to 6 inches long. But they are one insect u dont monkey with they arent friendly. But I feed that one in pic baby insects in tweezers lol.


If u mist the plant the lady bugs stick around real long. But one good thing about them flying away ur all out of food for them.

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So my buds will get that big ?

This is my first grow Girl Scout Cookie. Day 64 is it ready to harvest or wait?


What makes them turn brown and start looking dry and old.

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Would it hurt plants to move outside for few hrs during the day

it is not recommended to move them in and out as they will have a tendency to sunburn, unless it is done very gradually, it is too intense.

I wouldnt leave them I would babysit them lmao. I would only set out like a hr a day at first then work up. But if it wont make that much of a difference I dont wanna risk the pest I live in florida bugs are everywhere