When should i start flushing sour diesel?

Sour Diesel auto 10 weeks old today. Trichromes are still clear but wondering how soon i need to cut out the nutes and flush. Should I wait till trichromes start turning milky ? How fast do they turn from clear to amber ? First time growing and i think they look pretty good and don’t want to screw it up coming to the finish line.
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You gotta wait for your pics to upload before you hit the reply button so we can see your pics. Try again👍

Sour diesel auto 10 weeks old today. When should i start flushing ? Trichromes are still clear. Do you wait till they turn milky before starting flush ? How long does it take them to go from clear to 30% amber ? First time grower… don’t want to screw this up coming to the finish line.


I start water only once the trichomes go opaque. I like to have amber mixed in with opaque trichomes in the end. If you dont want amber start when they first begin to get cloudy.
If worried too late, do a standard soil flush (3 times water as volume of pot IE 5 gal pot, 15 gal water) then only water to harvest. this will remove most of the nutes stored in soil and force the plant to consume itself at a more rapid pace.


I never flush… :poop: :toilet:
Oh, that sounds nasty… :nauseated_face:
It can take a while when waiting for cloudy or amber and I hate to deprive the plant if it will be 3 or 4 weeks.
I feed normally right up to chop.


I got like 95% clear trics with 5% kind of amber but none opaque. Is that unusual ? Im not looking for the couch lock effect so i don’t want to let them go to long.

Sounds like you are examining a sugar leaf over the bud itself. The trichome on the leaves will mature much faster then those on the bud. Also, the trichomes mature from the top down so its best to look down about 1/3 of the way from not only the top of the plant but also the top of the bud itself. Got any pics? Would help to be able to see what you see.

This is a chart that helps me.

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Here’s a pic with my phone. I got a microscope but it’s really hard to focus and hold steady

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Lost part of one of my girls. Pretty positive it’s bud riot​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I was afraid this hot humid weather in Va was going to cause trouble