When should I start flowering?

I’m growing for the first time in my bathtub I’m concerned about grow space because I’m in 15 gal pots I’m at 6 weeks. When should I start flowering?


What amount are you aiming for? What strain are you running, indica growth dominate or sativa growth dominate?

(Only applies to photoperiods)
I would defoliate the lower leaves of the plant and take out the lower nodes ( really small sites that aren’t going to make it close to the top of the canopy) that, after defoliation, don’t get enough light.
This will stimulate upper growth for expansion.

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Yes. You’re right.

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My aim is maximum quality yeild from the space I’m in which is a bathtub

Well all depends on how much space u have to work with. U wanna flip as they r just under half way to ur max height so if u have 8 feet high ceilings u don’t want to veg much over say 3 feet as the plant usually stretch to double size. If lights are worked properly it might not be a big issue but they get the stretch phase and they grow so be cautious on height

Thanks for your reply I’m gonna be safe and just veg em for 2 more weeks then flip it.This is the update after the topping. There’s a lot of cabbage peaking through.

Ya clean them up n u should b good. Plants look real healthy tho. I usally veg for 8-9 weeks with my grow space thats about all i can do. But its planty of time to top n train b 4 flower. Good luck growmie!!

What do you have for lighting?

I would think the net on a tub would make it difficult to impossible to defoliate/clip sucker branches under the canopy once they grow into it. Something think about especially if you don’t have a fan to blow under her skirt when it’s humid.

I bought a net but never used it because I’ve found a reason to pull plants out of the tent for maintenance on all 3 grows so far and a net would make that impossible once grown up through it.

I’ve seen advice on this forum for new growers to skip the net for the first few grows because problems are likely… just passing that along, good luck with the grow! :+1: