When should I start feeding?

Hey All, I am growing girl scout cookie extreme in fox farm ocean soil. I was wondering what people use as an indicator it is time to start feeding ?


You want to keep an eye on your runoff ppm’s and when they get low you’ll want to start feeding. I usually get 4 to 6 weeks out of ocean forest


I’ve been told to start when TDS readings hit 800/1000 on runoff. Be careful as I fed too early and had an issue. Didn’t kill her just had to flush and deplete soil.


I grow in OF my runoff ppm’s stayed high through six weeks of veg. Within a week after flipping my runoff readings started dropping fast. If you’re not taking ppm readings you should start.


What ppm meter do you use ?

Missiles is spot on. With brand new FFOF 4 to 6 weeks. Some say 8 weeks. :+1:

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