When should I start feeding these seedlings?

You could increase light gradually, be cautious small increments. Increase each day, never all at once. Watch for curling leaves, too much light is why. When you hit that limit, I would dial it back some. Read your plants.

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That seed starting potting soil is fine, it’s not too hot by any means. You can see that from the label that was posted. People seem to treat MG and other big brands like it’s just one product.

Last two feeds the full dose came out to 2500ppm after being ph’d

I would maintain this feeding, nothing worse than underfed plants. Don’t want the calcium deficiency to get worse either.
When the pistils start to recede I would reduce nutrients at that point.

If the numbers continue to go up, then I would consider reducing the nutrients.

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Is that when they turn brown like this?


Yes, Preflowers will brown first, then the first round of pistils. Right on track! :sunglasses:


Do you recommend any flushing before harvest? Or just feed all the way through like normal?

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Me personally I would atleast give it a solid week of PhD water only before the 48 hrs dark period if u do it before chop. The 48 dark will most likely help build up more tricks on the bud but also get all the stuff from the plant materials to settle to the roots. Only bad is when u open door to chop need to be quick as possible less than 2 mi s and all the nutes shoot back from rootball they the stalks so catch it fast and in a hurry if u do. Makes for a cleaner taste that I notice so far

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Weird question but should I add some grow big to my Christmas tree water :joy:

This is a personal style. Some feed all the way through, some give just water.
I’ve done both seems to not make much difference.

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