When should I prune, remove sun leaves, starting to flower


Purple Kush, 3 months old, these plants are all fat as tall.


When they yellow, almost fall off with a nudge. All nice big green leaves are energy harnesses. Just the dead dying leaves. Just my experience. I am not an official Marijuana Doctor, I just play one.


Unless your worried about humidity control , I would not remove anything that’s still green…
We only do that indoors to get the best light penetration when using lights and not the sun… :wink:



@dshropshall Absolutely BEAUTIFUL :star_struck: !!!



Might thin out the bottom section to allow more light and air flow.


I thin at the bottom for airflow and to reduce powdery mildew stress. I also am stripping away popcorn buds as a light lollipop methodology just to make harvest less painful. But I agree with the above - keep as much as you can without endangering the plant to harness as much sun as possible.