When should I plant Jiffy Pellets w plant in soil?

My lil girl is 6 days old, I still have her in the dome nice and developing well, I think! lol I would like to know at what day i should transfer it to my Pot for pot half gallon pot with superb soil??? Please help, I really wanna learn how to grow autoflowers. Btw my strain is Blue Berry and Big Devil autoflower! any tips?


They look big enough that you could plant them any time now. I used to wait till the roots were at the bottoms of the pods.
(Don’t use pods anymore ) before I’d put them in soil.

And welcome to the neighborhood. :+1:


hey man, lol, thanks for the advise and welcoming me to this awesome blog :vulcan_salute:btw , I think i ma wait to its 7 day so i can plant the Pellet w the plant in it , of course!


If there is a way u can rip the netting away from the ball without breaking it up i would the roots dont go thru them and they dont break up in the soil fast enough i had a baby set of root on the plant i used that on. The net restricted alot of the roots

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Thanks, such a great tip, man! So, before i transplant plant with pellet should i water the pot and the Superb Soil leaving a hole :hole: to put plant ripping the netting of the Jiffy pellet???

I would just get that netting ripped as much as possible dont disturb the roots. But i would transplant it then give the new potted home a good ro water. Not a ton enough to wet the soil and stay a circle around the stem not right by it. Keep a distance away from the stem to make the roots stretch for the water and nutes

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