When should I LST and Top her?

She is 1 week into transplant and 37 days old. When should I top and LST her? Also should I be concerned about the yellow leaves creeping up on this girl?

Yes, you can absolutely start training her. As for the yellow, are you feeding yet?

Have the cotyldons died off yet? If they have then it’s chime to start nutes, but those lower leaves normally die off anyway, it’s really nothing to worry about.

Yes the cotyldons have died off. I thought I had to wait 30days after transplant before nuking them.

No, you don’t have to wait. You should start feeding now. You can also start LST on her and the topping can be done if she has at least 4 nodes.

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@growingismyshit sorry if this is a stupid question. what are cotyldons? could you please clearify thank you lisa

Cotyldons are the very first round leaves that the seedling feeds off of for the first few weeks. This is why you don’t need to feed nutrients to seedlings, they have everything they need when they sprout.
Hope that helps.


Needs nitrogen

Thanks, I just fed her some nutes hopefully that helps. Also my PH runoff is 7.4, is that too high?

lower it to mid 6s

Alkaline water?

7.4! Well, there’s your problem! That’s way too high. Try flushing at 6.5. Your ph should be between 6.3 and 6.8 in soil.

Thanks, in order to flush I just run water through it?

Yes, run a few gallons of water through until your Ph is down to about 6.8. I would Ph the water going in at 6.3.


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