When should I harvest

1st time trying to grow anything. Believe this is week 9 of flowering.

Strain. 1 Blue dream feminized seed grown in soil outside with only sunlight. Purified water PH7. Tri homes still look pretty clear but looking for some advice on when to harvest


I was told too harvest when the TRICHOMES are amber over more than 20% of the plant @Dcell but I am a beginner to.

Depending what you are after this chart gives pictures plus effects




I pointed out in your photo the very FEW dark hairs occuring on the bud… You’ll need to see the plant cease production of mostly white hairs from the top down. Only then do I start leaning in to investigate the trichome situation.

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Thanks wasn’t sure how amber it should be. I don’t see much amber at all currently.

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Will those all turn reddish brown?

Just noticed after @CLICKYBONES posted your second pic zoomed in looks like webbing there


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I will look closer tomorrow thanks for the input

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Well, At least the very tops of every bud will go brown/red and cease upward production of white hairs… By then you’ll have noticed a LARGE percentage of hairs that make up the bud are turning the same hues-maybe 70%…this is the onset of ripening/ well into the window of harvest … Right now Your girl is prepping your attention by throwing some browns and reds…this may carry on for 2weeks… Take a reference photo everyday to compare her hair changes… maybe procure a digital microscope to hone in on trichome stages and learn how they corelate… on exactly when to chop: everyone likes a different feel from their product, and every genetic expresses differently… This is a great opportunity to experiment by stealing some sections of bud once the ripening stages are progressing… Your documented photos, calendar of flowering, feed/flush cycles, and temps will all point back to a common theme on when to harvest.
Happy growing!


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