When should I chop her?

Hey guys, here’s my zkittlez auto. She’s 94 days old. Judging from these pics, how much longer till I cut her down?

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Hi there what week of flower is it in ,going by ur pics you have at least another two to three weeks theres still alot of white pistols


Agreed, start checking trichs once you see the majority of the white hairs darken. Good looking plant though, she’s still got some fattening up to go :v:


Hey you got some time left she barely potent…wait till 70/30 of the white hairs are brown n get a handheld electronic microscope or jewelry loupe… Amazon got some good ones I got all mine there n it’s great… But yea I’d wait till you get more brown on her … You want her to look like bud you kno excatly what a bud looks like… But she looks amazing :star_struck: keep it growing baby… an me personally I would snip some them fans leaves covering buds an lapping over em she’ll look much nicer an get more light buds an plant going b like whoooa good luck… N is she a photo or autoflower?? When u flip light or when did she flip

She’s an auto. It took her about 55 days to even show signs of her sex. I also didn’t go to 12/12. I was on a 20/4 schedule but decided to change it to 18/6. I had a reason for doing that, but I can’t remember what it was lol. But thanks, I’ll definitely trim some of those fan leaves away.

3 weeks us an estimate and I agree with other forum members about start checking the trics in 2 weeks

Good luck, be patient and you’ve got this!!!