When should I begin Flowering?

I have been reading that you need to force flower the girls. I am not sure my girls are ready for that yet, but they are 6 weeks into vegetative. I planted from seed on Feb 11th. They are not auto flowering or feminized. I know I will need to sex them.
They are in 5 gallon pots (they seem to stunt in the pots I had them in) using Happy frog soil, cyco grow 1/2. They are on a 16/8 light cycle. Majority of their light is sunlight. I am lucky enough to have a slider that gets lots of direct sunlight. I am using a sun blaze 2ft/24watt light when they are not in sunlight. I know I probably need to upgrade the light but I can’t get out right now. Temp runs 72-74 and humidity stays between 60-65%
They are named, I talk to them everyday, and I play classic rock when I did leave for them. :rofl:
Their stems look a little weak in the pics but they are very sturdy.
Should I begin flowering or just let them keep growing? I am not in a huge hurry for them but not sure where they should be at right now. I am just super happy I haven’t killed them yet.


Best time to flip is around 6 weeks. I personally I run a 12/12 start to finish. Looking good so far.

Should I keep them in vegetative for bit longer? I don’t want to flip too soon and run the risk of messing this whole thing up.
They are ending week 6 on tuesday.

Personally I wouldl give it some mire time. Probably no more than 2 weeks then flip. Looking good by the way…:+1: