When should I add nutrients,

Plant is a month or so old, not sure what strain, in a 4 gallon pot for a week now, in a 1 gallon before, Potting soil mixed with Blackkow Manure.
When should I start adding a fertilizer to the water>

I would add some nutrients soon. Not seeing any deficiencies yet.


In a week I will, I only have Jacks All Purpose Classic 20-20-20

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Ummmm…take a look again.

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Looking closer that looks like thrip damages?

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Thanks, suggestions please.

I figured something was munching on the leaves.

Spinosad, or captain jacks dead bug.

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Thanks mate

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Week since last picture

Another week has passed, in vegging stage.

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I tied down the stems they seem to like it, lots of growth, should i wait to prune the stems until flowering?